A Scientist That Made Yogurt With Bacteria From Her Vagina

In 2015, researcher Cecilia Westbrook decided to make yogurt using the bacteria from her own vagina. Westbrook swiped her nether regions with a wooden spoon and left the utensil overnight in a bowl of milk. The resulting yogurt tasted tangy and sour and caused her tongue to tingle.

The whole thing sounds insane, but Westbrook realized that there were no studies about the vast amount of bacteria that live inside the vagina. Current research is more obsessed with gut bacteria’s benefits to our health. However, some microbiologists are so aware of the positive effects of vaginal bacteria that they smear their own newborns with such fluids.

Although eating it may have been too daring (there are bad genital bacteria, too), other researchers were inspired to tack on with more graceful experiments. Soon, they also proved that bacteria could be cultured from the human vagina. Future applications for this “yogurt” are more medicinal than culinary, especially in the field of probiotics and yeast infections.

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