Can The Brain Rust?- Let's Find Out

Jul 05, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The human brain undergoing rusting is a phenomenon that most people might not like to believe. Gush! you mean the brain can rust?. Yes of course the brain can rust.

Iron is a very essential element in the body as well as oxygen but when both combines, it results in rusting. Rusting is a process that occur when oxygen and iron combine together.

According to a research in Australia. In the body, Iron combines with sugars in the presence of oxygen to produce energy and the by-product of this energy is an oxidative stress which is similar to the rusting that occur in metals. The rusting that is produced from this oxidative stress, has been shown to foster Alzheimer's Disease which usually occur in adults.

However, Iron is a very essential substance to the body and according to research, this doesn't mean that we should cut down on our iron intake.

Study also shows that the iron in the brain is not related to the intake present in the blood so we are still very free to eat foods that are rich in iron.

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