This Is How You Can Re-plant Your Teeth Anytime They Fall Out

Jul 05, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Most people usually thinks that as an adult once your tooth is pulled out it can no longer be replaced. Nut however, there is a good news to this. A pulled out tooth can be replaced because the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone have a way of reforming itself once the tooth is put back into it proper place. 

Bellow are the necessary guidelines you need to follow according to dentists.

* The first thing you need to do is to look for all the tooth that have been knocked out. Make sure you pick it up by the crown and not by the root so that you don't damage the nerves.

* Rinse it gently and briefly with saline, milk or running water but be very careful and don't scrub it hard.

* Now put the tooth back into the gap from where it was removed and make sure it is fixed with the correct surface. This is called re-implanting.

* Next is to visit the dentist for further treatment and stabilization.

Note: Re-implanting a tooth isn’t likely to cause pain because the area may still be numb following the local trauma. But however, if you can’t re-implant the tooth for any reason, there are series of options for protecting the tooth.

Follow the steps below

* Place the tooth into a small container or plastic wrap and add some milk or saline to keep the root from drying out. 

* Water may also be a good option but water can make the cells in the root to swell which may disrupt the tooth health.

* Using a saliva is also a better option. You may chose to let the tooth remain in your mouth so that saliva can sustain it but make sure you don't chew it or swallow it.

* If milk isn’t available, saliva is better than nothing, so place the tooth inside the person’s mouth, next to their cheek. Just make sure they don’t swallow it – keeping their teeth together will help.

* Note that you have about five to six hours to store the tooth and it is advisable to contact the dentist as soon as possible.

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