Strange Looking Hotels Around The World You Need To See

Jul 01, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The quest for tourism among the society is in the increase. This has created a lot of motivations among individuals to be innovative in order to provide satisfaction for visitors and tourist. In this article, we will be looking at some unusually strange hotels from around the world that you never knew they exist. While most of these hotels where built to test the adventurous acts of their visitors and tourist, others where neither made initially to be called a hotel.

Below are some of the weird looking hotels from around the world you would love to see.

Bookshelf Hotels

These hotels are made with book shelves that have bed spaces where a visitor can pass the night after reading a book. In Tokyo, Japan, most hotels are built in form of libraries - they are actually made for book lovers who loved to read books at night. It no news that most of us like getting some nice books to read before going to bed and this reason is the motivation behind this innovation.

Tree Pods Hotel

This is so amazing and full of adventures - it is a  bauble-like rooms hoisted three meters (10 ft) above the ground. It is an hotel built in Cornwall, United Kingdom. It has a bed space to sleep on, The kitchen and bathrooms facilities are located on the ground below. You can choose to locate this hotel the next time you visit UK to feel the adventurous adrenaline. How wish there is something like this in Nigeria.   

Dog Bark Park Inn Hotel

Located in Central Idaho USA, is a Dog Bark Park Inn- it was made by two couples who are wood-carvers by profession that specializes in Dog carving. Their love for art and craft, is the reason for this innovations and this is becoming an adventure for tourists.

Volcano Hotel

Situated in the rain forest region of Chile is a Volcano Hotel which have flowers planted allover the walls of the building just like the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon. This is a very creative piece of art that if the whole world knows it exists, They wouldn't mind come visiting.

A Sandcastle

I remember growing up as a kid, during our playing hours, we use to built houses with sand in our play ground- it looks so beautiful that we wished it was real. This is a very amazing childhood experience for most African kids while growing up. They said innovation is the mother of all inventions. This beautiful looking building is a hotel situated in Netherlands. It is a very nice work of art that even you and your kid would love to visit.    

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