Dehydration Is Dangerous - Watch Out For These Symptoms

Jul 01, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Dehydration may sound as something very mild that most people may take for granted. However, it is a condition that have a very adverse and devastating effects on you physical and mental health. Most people that suffers from dehydration tend to have other health complications in the long run when not treated effectively. 

Below are observable dehydration symptoms one need to watch out for

When You Notice Your Mouth Is Getting Dried or Becoming Sticky

Feeling thirsty can show that you are dehydrated. The moment you noticed that your mouth is getting dried up and your tongue are becoming getting stuck to the upper floor of your mouth, then know that dehydration has come knocking. Drinking water immediately you notice this symptom is a good way of of preventing dehydration. For you to prevent dehydration in the long run, Make sure you keep yourself hydrated always by drinking water where necessary.

When You Are Feeling Signs Of fatigue Or Confusion

Studies have shown that dehydration can affect a persons mood, energy and the ability to comprehend or think clearly (cognitive behaviors). 

Unclear Or Blurred Vision

Exercise affects your hydration level drastically. The more you engage in physical exercise, the more you are loosing water through sweating which can in turn makes you feel dehydrated. i guess most of you may have witnessed this during your daily workouts. Constantly taking a break to drink water is the best way to avoid such means of dehydration.

Headaches or disorientation

Dehydration can result in migraine, headache, light headedness, weakness and nausea. All parts of your body needs to remain hydrated including the brain. When your body doesn't have enough water to send to other organs these symptoms above may set in. This is very common amongst athletes that run long distance such as marathoners.  

Other frequent symptoms may includes:

. Dry skin

. Inadequate sweating

. Muscle cramps

. Inadequate passing out of urine.

. Sometimes a dehydrated person may tends to pass out urine that have abnormal colors most especially dark urine.

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