Signs You Are Dealing With A Perfectionist

Nobody (or nothing) is perfect. This has become an over-flogged mantra. Notwithstanding, there are still some people who feel that everything they do must be 100%. A mistake that they make is that they think being a perfectionist is a good thing. This is not really so. And if this is not the case, they become sad, depressed, and forlorn. Consequently, these very talented people are always having problems not only with themselves but with people around them. Hence, it would be nice to know how to identify a perfectionist. 

They are always trying to please everyone

Certainly, we cannot please everybody. But a perfectionist does not understand this. They will try to please others at their own discomfort and detriment. This is why others can easily take advantage of them.

They attain their goals by any means

Attaining their goals is what they care about. They do not even mind if they break the rules or go overboard to reach their goals. For them it is more about the end justifies the means and not the other way round. And they are bad losers.

They can never be satisfied

Even if you give your best, you can never satisfy someone who wants things perfectly done. They question everything even the things that are irrelevant. They are very exhaustive and nothing escapes them. Hence, never try to cut corners, a perfectionist will notice it and point it out.

They don't accommodate mistakes

We are bound to make mistakes. But for a perfectionist, it is a sign of failure. As a result, they become gloomy and downcast. If you work with them, they use their standard to measure you and they want you to meet that standard. If you do not, to them you are a disappointment. For example, if you forgot to accept the booking of the hotel from 

They have all Or nothing thinking

For them, it is either they get everything or nothing. They are not ready to compromise on their very high moral standards. This is why perfectionists are not good negotiators. The only way you can make them happy is to give them everything they want.

They over stress themselves over a simple task

There is always a paper basket beside them. In the basket, you will find several rumpled papers. These papers are sheets they use in writing just one simple report. However, because of one simple mistake, they discard it and start all over again.

They are legendary procrastinators

Since they bid to make everyone happy, they accept responsibilities they know they cannot perform. But because they want to please that person, they accept the duty and they procrastinate until they do not it. In other situations, they postpone a task because they are not ready to go through the perfection bouts they are addicted to.

They find it difficult to celebrate success

You should celebrate success when you achieve it. However, a perfectionist will never because they will be focused on what they could have done better. So, they do not see any reason to be joyous. Do never expect a perfectionist to celebrate success. However, this does not mean they are not happy with what they have achieved.

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