5 Common Danger Signs of Failing List Marketing Campaigns

Mar 04, 2023 By Obiaks 527

The saddest thing about mailing list campaigns is that oftentimes, the people who run them are the last to know. They only find out that something is very wrong when they’ve already sunk in a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into their campaign. In other words, they’re a day late and a buck short.

Thankfully, a lot of those people are actually backed up by big money. They either have investors with deep pockets or they themselves are well-funded or have access to a lot of cash. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are like that. Chances are quite good that you don’t have such access. It’s very likely that you only have so much money to work with as far as your list marketing campaign budget is concerned.

You need to get it done right the first time around. This is why I’m sharing with you the five common danger signs of failing list marketing campaigns. Keep your eyes peeled to these danger signs because they can go a long way in saving you money. The moment you see any of these, start getting curious. Look under the hood of your campaigns and get on the road to making the necessary changes to put your campaign back on track. If you’re lazy or ignorant about these, then you will only find out when it’s too late. It’s kind of like learning at the last moment that you have stage 4 cancer. Consider yourself warned.

Danger Sign #1: Low Squeeze Page CTR
This is the most common danger sign. You know something’s wrong when people don’t bother to get around to clicking on your squeeze page link. It doesn’t matter how you’re driving traffic. Maybe you’re driving traffic from Facebook, Google search results or forums. The fact that people are not clicking through to your squeeze page means you are sending the wrong messages, you are qualifying your visitors the wrong way, or you are trying to drum up traffic from all the wrong places.

Danger Sign #2: Low Sign-up Rates
Once you reach a point where you’re able to drive people to your sign-up page but very few sign up, you have a more manageable problem in your hands. The problem with the low squeeze page CTR is that it’s anybody’s guess why people aren’t clicking through. However, assuming that you’re able to get them to click through, then your problem becomes easier to manage.

Now, you have a fairly fixed set of parameters to play around with to get your sign-up rates up. Maybe you can change the pictures in the sign-up page. Maybe you can change the text. Perhaps there’s an issue with the font or the size of the font or the colors of the text. In other words, the universe of the things that you have possibly gotten wrong is much smaller in this context than when you’re dealing with a low squeeze page CTR.

Do yourself a big favor and keep playing around with the different elements and keep running the traffic to see if you can continuously increase the conversion rate of your squeeze page.

Danger Sign #3: Low Open Rates
Now that you’ve gotten people to sign up to your mailing list, you might be thinking that you’re out of the woods. Well, not quite. You can have 100 thousand people on your mailing list but if your open rate is pathetically low, you’re probably not going to make money off your mailing list.

People have to open your email for them to click on your offer so they can put dollars in your bank account. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The good news here is that this problem is fairly limited because you know that they’re not opening your emails at all.

This means that you need to play around with the subject lines of your email. They have to stand out. They have to grab the eyeballs of your list members and slap them around. The great thing about this is you can keep experimenting with different headlines until you get titles that produce the right effects.

Danger Sign #4: Low In-Update Link Click Rates
You may be able to get your list members to the point where they’re opening your emails at a high rate. It seems that a lot of people love to read your emails. This is great. But the problem is, they’re not clicking on the link inside the body of your emails. This is going to be a big issue because this is what pays you. This is what puts dollars in your bank account. Well, it starts the process.

The good news here is that this is a fairly limited problem because you only need to keep changing the call-to-action text and maybe the surrounding text. With enough experimentation, you should be able to improve your click rates.

Danger Sign #5: Low Sales Conversion Rate
Assuming that you’re able to get people to open your emails, click on the links inside those emails, the next step is to get the page that they land on to convert them into buyers. This gets a little tricky because if you’re promoting affiliate offers, chances are you did not create that sales page. It was created for you. You either have to take it or leave it. You really have no hand in it. This is going to be a problem. The good news is, by changing the offer as well as changing how you talk about the offer, you may be able to improve your conversion rates.

Keep the five common danger signs above top of mind. Otherwise, they might creep up on you and you may end spending a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy on list marketing with pretty much nothing to show for it.

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