Reasons Why We Kiss

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? Whether we use it for an informal greeting or for a romantic gesture, kissing is an ingrained human behavior that seems to defy explanation. For many people, "it's just something we do", however Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, helps to reveal 5 reasons we kiss.

It Maintains Attachment

Especially when it is done as a romantic gesture, kissing is associated with more satisfaction in a relationship. It increases the levels of oxytocin (the love hormone and one of the major bonding chemicals in the body) in both partners, and the release of this hormone helps to promote bonding between the two.

It Feels Good

Our lips and tongues are packed with nerve endings that helps intensify the 'dizzying' sensations of love and attraction when we kiss. This is why it feels so good. The saliva swapped during kisses also contains testosterones which are mainly transferred by the men into the women.

To Express Love and Affection

Kissing is one of the many ways to express love and affection. It mainly expresses in a deep connection, your love or affection for the other person. In the process, it also plays a significant role in helping to relieve stress and show respect and admiration especially when it's a kiss on the forehead or cheek.

To Communicate

Kisses communicate a variety of messages more profoundly and deeply than communication with words. A kiss can convey tenderness, respect, enthusiasm, passion and admiration. A kiss on the cheek for example, communicates respect and admiration. A kiss on the forehead is more nurturing and is mainly used to communicate tenderness and protection.

To Promote Intimacy

One of the ways to promote intimacy in a relationship is to kiss. Kissing of any form is more or less a request to enter into the personal space of another. Once the request is granted, it helps to cement intimacy and a sense of togetherness between the parties involved. This is one of the reasons you should be careful with who you let kiss you (be it on the lips, cheeks, forehead or any other part of your body) because overtime feelings will begin to develop.

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