Alarming Signs You Are Definitely Not Fit

Your body is the place you live in. You have to take good care of it by being fit and keeping it in shape. However, quite a large chunk of people are not bothered about whether they are fit or not as far as they wake up in the morning and go wherever they want. The only time they are concerned about their body is when they are ill. This is not good. Being fit can ward off heart ailment and other cancerous diseases. But still, you make very minute effort to keep fit. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the online travel agency shares signs that you are definitely not fit. It may be time to exercise.

It takes forever for your heart rate to slow

Your age determines how quick your heart rate will slow. For a young man, it shouldn't take several minutes for his heart beat to relax. However, because you are out of shape, your heart's still pounding for another five minutes. You are not fit.

Caffeine is the only thing that keeps you awake

You have so many things on your plate but you find it difficult to keep awake. Often times, it is the coffee that prevents you from sleeping so that you can perform. When you exercise more, you don't need to take caffeine anymore to keep awake.

You cannot do pushups

This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs. It is a very reliable way to determine if you are fit or not. Unfortunately, many people fail this test. Some are even lucky if they go beyond 5 pushups. If this is the case, it may be time to hit the gym in any of your favourite hotels in Abuja.

You struggle to catch your breath

For example, when you climb the stairs or workout in the morning, and within few minutes you are panting and out of breath, it is a warning sign. You really need to start exercising to regain your fitness.

You are longing for sugar

Most times if you are fit, you would have little or no desire to take sugar because the exercise you engage in gives you natural energy. So, if you are always craving sugar, you should exercise more often.

You are always tired

Tiredness is relative. It doesn't necessarily mean that whenever you are tired or fatigued, you are not fit. But if you are always or you complain of tiredness daily, there is every possibility that your fitness level is not up to scratch.

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