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Unconventional Marketing Tips To Try

We all know that sometimes to succeed you sometimes have to try new things that might not exactly follow the norm. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, thus shares 4 unconventional tips to employ in your marketing efforts.


You should create your own playing field, rather than playing on the one set for you by your competitors. While you should keep an eye on the competition, you shouldn't get caught up in it. Rather than worrying so much about your competitors marketing tactics and solely trying to compete with theirs, understand and focus also on what works for your customers and your brand; and tailor your marketing tactics to the individuality of your firm. Your marketing tactics should be strong enough to compete with your competitors, but that shouldn't be the only focus. Remember, your audience should lead what you are doing, not your competitors.


Don't engage in marketing practices for traditional or sentimental purposes. You should constantly review your tactics to determine the ones that actually work. Focus on the practices that work and let go of the ones that are not so effective, even if they have become a sort of tradition for you. Think strategically and think digitally, don't just do what comes easily. Learn to plant purple seeds, because it is these seeds that will drive people to action.

Purple seeds once planted in the minds of your prospects make them think 3 things: Your product/service is word-class and will do what you say it will; your product/service is different from any other they have tried; and your product is 'a prize to be won' because not everyone can have it. Get your prospects to think any of these three thoughts and you are sure to drive them to action. Get them to think all three and well... you know the rest.


It is known that in marketing, asking your customers to help with referrals is a smart decision. However, it does not always work. When asking your customers for referrals, it helps to give them your card. But when you give them your card, the content of your card should not only include the conventional details, if you want it to be effective. Aside your name, a brief description of your services and your phone number, your card should additionally include a short note positioning your product/service as a 'prize to be won'. This note should be strong enough to give you a competitive advantage and stand you out as different.

Read below the excerpt of a short note written on the business card of a marketing executive:

"You won't find me on the internet...on social media...or anywhere else. And that's on purpose. I don't work with anybody new unless a client I respect vouches for them. You have now earned my complete trust and that's why I'm giving you full access to this card. If you need any marketing services - call my personal number any time (24/7) and I'll make you a priority and instantly take out any 'marketing fires' you may have. Thank you."


It is important to try to remain in control of the entire process without at any point killing your leverage; especially for those in client services, where the client usually has all the power during the sales process. Try flipping the script and avoid losing your leverage at every point. Try to control as much of the process as you can, and in the process take calculated risks to remain in control. In the end, let the pitch feel more like a negotiation leading to something like a partnership. Let it feel different and leave an impression on your client(s). Avoid looking like just another person selling another service.

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