A Must Read Fact Sheet About Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) according to an online definition refer to as sexually transmitted infections that are commonly spread by sex, especially through vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. sexually transmitted diseases includes the following Hiv/Aids, Hepatitis, chancriod, Trichomoniasis, genitals warts, herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia etc. it should be noted that these infections are real and it is on  record that though condoms are highly effective for reducing transmission of some STDS , no method is foolproof.

A lot of times we are bamboozled by a lover, friend or companion on why we should have sex without protection. We are given reasons like: sex is boring with condom, it can't be sex with any material on, and you do not love me enough, so you need to prove your love by having sex without protection and other forms of lies put forward to achieve an ultimate goal of reaching orgasm.

But I stand by personal convictions and by various health research and studies that the above trivial reasons are not enough to put one through the consequences of having unprotected illicit sex especially among unmarried adults and teenagers. According to the health expert, Dr Diego Hilbert in his book “health and infections” he enumerated the following to be the consequences of having unprotected sex. Contacting of sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, emotional conflicts, passing diseases on to children, feeling guilty and being stuck with the wrong partner for some reasons but out of all these consequences contracting and spreading of STIS are the most devastating.

The consequences of contracting sexually transmitted diseases can be permanent and long-lasting said Dr Rauf Paul because the diseases do not just ravage our bodies but can leave us with permanent health struggles throughout our life time. With untreated STDS the following myriads of intractable and health problems will be staring one in the face.

Women with untreated Chlamydia infection are bound to develop pelvic inflammatory disease which will lead to pelvic pains, ectopic pregnancy and infertility

Heart diseases are rampant with STDS infected person

There's the issue of eye inflammation

Untreated STDS like Chlamydia increased the risk of contracting HIV, urethritis and infertility in men

Women are at risk of miscarriages, complication in pregnancy and preterm labour with untreated STDS

An infected person stands the risk of having certain cancers like HPV-associated cervical and rectal cancers

Babies born infected mothers are likely to develop eye infections and pneumonia

With all the myriad of devastating consequences of having unprotected sex and consequently being faced with health problems of untreated STDS .people are still ignorance of what  STDS entails because of some myth and lies told by the media, dubious friends and even ignorant persons like them. we will be x-raying some of these untold truths to throw more light on this topic so that even our young ones will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to look after their sexual health in a bid to negotiate healthy relationships.

·         STDS can only be contracted by wayward persons

STDS is no respecter of persons .it doesn't get contracted by certain persons, nobody is immune to STDS. The truth is having unprotected sex with an infected person be it a pastor, a bible carrying and preaching person, a teenager or an adult does stop on from being predispose to these diseases. When once the person is an infected person there is certainty in transferring the infection.

·         People with multiple partners get infected with STDS

This is a lie from a horny partner to an unsuspected partner, it is true that one's first sexual encounter could be the deal breaker, you don't need to sleep with multiple partners before being infected with STDS, just sleeping with just one partner even if you're a known virgin can land you any STDS. So use protection always.

·         I can always tell if someone has STDS

Unfortunately, this is not true. STDS are not like physical wound, bruises, lumps etc that we can see with our naked eyes. Often times some STDS present no signs or symptoms at all. Research has shown that some STDS only manifest outwardly after a lot of harm has been done to our vital and essential organs. So to avoid all of these health problems, it is pertinent that one is wary of any sexual partner especially for the  unmarried and try all best to always have protected sex or get tested after having unprotected sex.

·         Enjoy sex with your partners without stress, there're effective treatments for STDS

Health experts have reiterated that even though the treatments for STDS are everywhere and most times very good but it is wise not to contract these diseases. It is on record that some STDS like gonorrhea are becoming antibiotics resistant and others like genital herpes and Hiv after treatment still remain in the body and if not properly managed wreck the body vital organs. So be careful.

·         STDS can't be contracted through oral sex

This is another myth because the truth is that sexual transmitted infections like herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis are often spread through oral sex than vaginal or anal sex. This is not to say we can't contract through vaginal and anal sex but the oral sex addicts are also at risk .the best bet for oral sex protection is to use the condom or preferable cover the genital area or anus with a dam.

·         Untreated STDS don't need treatment, it vanishes overnight

No STDS leave or vanishes overnight, one need to get tested to ascertain the type of STDS one is infected with and treatment commenced immediately. don't be deceives that STDS are just like common cold that can be handled with kid gloves .please take it serious because it adverse effects leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

·         An already treated STDS cannot be contracted by the same person

A recent studies shown that a person can be re-infected again with an already infected and treated STDS. Having treated a known STDS before doesn't immune your system from being re-infected with that same STDS. So it is possible to have the same STDS more than once. Don't forget that some STDS like HIV and genital herpes remain in the body and can only be managed through good and effective treatment.

Remember that it is good to always protect yourself because you can only know your sexual history and not your partner's. So by all means protect yourself and don't be fooled some STDS caused by viruses can be controlled but not cured. So protect yourself always.






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