Ditch Strenuous Exercises And Use These Simple Tricks For Quick Weight Loss

It is of utmost interest to people all over the world to keep fit, be in shape and be healthy. But most times we cannot keep up the tempo because of high- loaded calories delicious meals and nice drinks thrown at our faces and of course when we realize this harm, we try to do something about it and exercising comes to mind.

The place of exercising in a weight loss journey cannot be over-emphasized because apart from  helping  us to reduce and maintain body fat and lowering the risks of certain diseases, exercises gives the body strength, stamina and shape. We are aware of these benefits but we most time feel lazy, sees the exercises to be too strenuous or we naturally do not have the strength for most of these exercises but we're willingly to dump the ugly weight.

According to a physical and health expert, John Beckham of the center for health policy research, California. they are two forms of exercises, the organized ones and the non organized ones. organized exercise is a subcategory of physical activity that is a conscious planned, structured, repetitive and purposeful activities which involves bodily movement for the improvement and maintenance of the body and system, this includes planned jogging, ,running, stretching, cardio and aerobic exercises , swimming etc while non-organized exercise are those ones that are done unconsciously and we might not even classify them as exercises but they are. If we engage in them more often, we will be sure of losing weight with them.

I have been using these non-organized and enjoyable activities to keep my weight at bay for years and it has been paying off, they' re little tricks but mighty especially for those that really needs to burn calories, keep fit and maintain a very healthy weight. If you have been dying under the weight of strenuous exercises and at the breaking point of dumping the exercises for good, don't worry, there's a way out.try the following routine tricks and see the weight peel off in no time and have a healthy weight.

Household chores activities

Have you ever thought that this means of keeping the house clean could help you burn a lot of calories, we believe these activities are mainly for helpers and paid employees, while we struggle with our sneakers and exercise apparels to get out to exercise and most time we feel frustrated and exhausted but studies have shown that the following calories can be expended in just one an hour of during the following.

Lawn mowing   295 calories ,Mopping    170 calories, Carrying trash 102 calories, Washing dishes while standing   88 calories Carrying stuff upstairs  442 calories,  Rearranging the house furniture  340 calories, scrubbing   136 calories. So if you love home chores you could take advantage of this routine to lose and cut down calories.

Sexual intimate activities

This is a nice and enjoyable avenue of losing and cutting down calories without stress, it may sound weird and funny but we engage in this activity without knowing its health benefits. Well, from research the following calories can be burned doing the following sexual activities per hour. kissing and petting burned 90 calories, removing a bra with the mouth by a partner burns 80 calories, standing for a body massage by a partner  120 calories, having sexual intercourse    414calories,oral sex   100 calories, slow sensual strokes  100 calories, romantic dance with a partner burns 103 calories etc. you could also take the words of psychiatrist and sex therapist  Barbara Bartlik, she believes  that more calories would be expended with these sexual activities if  we increase the pace and time  for more nibbling of  the neck and touch.

Office work activities

We get out of the house everyday to our various offices and for exercise freaks we feel guilty that we haven't done much exercise for the day, not to worry anymore because you can still burn calories on your way and while in the office. This is how to do it. walk to the train station or vehicle park to catch your train or bus to work, if you are driving park your vehicle some kilometer away from your office to enable you take a quick walk to your office, do you work on the fourth or fifth floor of the office? Ditch the elevator and take the staircase, dump the intercom and get to the next office to drop those documents. Don't sit still for too long, you could be bouncing and reclining on your chair, can you stand for some minutes to do a specific task don't hesitate to do that. You would be surprise at how much calories you would have expended at the end of the day.

Shopping activities

We all love to shop, in fact, we shop still we drop. Do you know that while changing our wardrobe and acquiring assets we are actually also cutting down calories which will add up to make us lose weight. So stop sending your employees or helper to get you those nice stuff, get out there and do the shopping yourself to burn calories. These calories are burned per hour of performing these activities. Taking a walk to a nearby mall burns approximately 180 calories, moving around to make a purchase 250 calories, moving and haggling prices at the same time burns even more calories, shopping and pushing a trolley around burns 223calories  etc. so take advantage of this to burn calories.

Uncategorized enjoyable activities

They're a lot of enjoyable activities that we do unconsciously but never really paid attention to, but they are really good fat burner and burn calories drastically, all we need do is to spend more time doing them and adding more speed to them and it will help put an end to the days of our struggling weight loss and maintenance. These activities are:  watching television burns 75 calories, reading a book burns 85 calories, ironing burns 88 calories, butchering meat burns   340 calories, clearing dishes from table 102 calories, caring for small children burns off 136 calories, doing laundry burns 88 calories, making the bed burns 68 calories, typing on the computer and editing burns over 150 calories etc.

It is good to note that just lifting our body to do any task indicate calories burning, so the best bet is not to sit still all day, even when at home, one should be moving around, find whatever you enjoy doing and begin to do them with so much rigour and speed and one would be surprise at how much calories one will be expending.

You might be quick to ask if these activities can give one the same benefits like the organized exercise. The answer is emphatic yes, according to research these activities though unconsciously done also work on our butt, calves, thighs, muscles and bones, If done for a well long time can actually tone our body to what we really want and importantly help us  lose and maintain weight.

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