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Realistic ways of killing the monster called Depression

Mar 01, 2017 By best 2.4K
Life is full of ups and downs and at some point in time can throw one off balance. Leaving one drained,frustrated and unhappy.

Bad situation rear its ugly head and leaves one wondering how he or she got experience a spinning and splitting headache, blurry vision and a shaking body.

Mental health experts opined that more than 6.9%of the world population are depressed. In that same vein World Health Organization (WHO) put their own statistics at 350 million people worldwide. With this alarming statistics, it is a wake up call to all and sundry to fly the flag of happiness to fight for one's sound mind.

According to depression Association of America, the following has been pinpointed as the causes of depression.
Death of a loved one
Abuse of any form
Genetics is also to be blamed
Anxiety, sadness and bad moods.
Drug abuse etc

So because of the harmful effects of depression as enumerated by world's leading experts on depression like erratic sleeping habits, loss of appetite, constant fatigue, lack of happiness and vitality, lack of friends, weakness of the immune system, hurting oneself and people around and even increased rate of suicide, then we must rise to kill the monster called depression or else we'll left with bitter,hurtful and dangerous people which is not good for humanity.It like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Have you been in a depressed mood? Have you been deprived of sleep because of a bad situation? Or do you sincerely want to let go that depressing mood,then follow these below practicable and real tips on killing depression and kick that depressing mood to the curb.

Good Music,the food for the soul.

You can sincerely revive your down self with a good melodious music.Just put on your music stereo, playlist on any player and listen and feed your soul with this sound.playing a good music will lift your spirit, soul and body from a bad mood and improve your mood.

Change your thought process

Process your thoughts differently.Try to see ability in every disability. Change your mindset of negativity. Always think positive. See good in yourself and others. Raise your self esteem from the floor and you'll be better off.

Be a busy bee

Nothing sinks one into despair and nothingness like idleness. You keep on worrying, tossing and turning with nothing in sight.To get off a depressed mood get up and moved.Do whatever activities get you going and is enjoyable and remain in a good mood.

Reach out for help

A problem shared is half if talking to a friend ,a mental expert or any health expert would give you the needed healing, closure, makes you unburden your mind and totally set you off the bad mood, then don't hesitate to tow that route .

Always seek the way forward

Every problem has got a solution or myriad of solutions, you just need to open your eyes to them.if you had fallen into depression out of carelessness or mistakes,then as you standing up,do yourself the favour of picking with you a solution or a lesson. With the lesson learnt please snap out of the depressing mood.

Forget your depressor or stressor

When we hold a grudge, we're the ones in the permanent depressing mood said Dr Gilles Poutois,a research expert on depression. So free your mind of any person, situations or actions that is causing you so much pains.Let every stressing things and persons go and live a stress-free life.

Keep trying and don't quit

Run this as a race that you must succeed.don't back out.keep pushing yourself until you're off the depressing hook.Rome wasn't built in a day,so don't expect an immediate change.but calmly and slowly put back your life on track.

Depression is a bad cancer eating up a lot of selfless and good people around the world.let wake up to the clarion call of killing depression before it wipe us out.

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