Million Dollar Businesses That Don't Need Startup Capital


Most times we wallow in self pity of not having or making enough money and some of us that are salary earners are not left out in this predicament. We have so much to acquire with money but the wherewithal elude us. In the words of Robert kiyosaki salary alone cannot solve our money problems. One needs a secondary source of income to balance

It is pertinent to note that even salary is just a medicine to treat poverty. It doesn't cure it, only investment or business cures poverty.

Having a business has so many advantages than any paid employment; we can x-ray the advantages of having your own businesses. According to a renowned business analyst Prof Brown Mark the following are the benefits of having one's business.

One will be less reliant on one source of income and live above poverty board

Having your own business gives you the opportunity of leaving a conglomerate for your children and generations yet unborn. It's a legacy

There's absolutely job security and satisfaction, because you're doing your own thing and nobody can relinquish you of any job.

You will be making more money at your own pace and on your terms.

You can create wealth not just being comfortable like those with just paycheck at the end of the day.

They are a lot of businesses that you start up without a dime, you don't need to break your bank to start these businesses, I have listed these compelling, easy to start businesses that range from industries, freelancing and trade. All what you really need is common sense, determination and hard work. And you would be on the way to success.

Take a look at these million dollar business ideas that do not need startup capital

Baby sitting and nanny services

This is simply the act of taking care of someone else child or children while the parents are at work or out for some shopping. So do you enjoy playing with kids and going a little further to feed and change their nappies?  Then why don't you do this for a fee. This could be done as a full time work or a side job and you do not need any money to start this service. A recent research has shown that the request for baby nannies have increased tremendously because of the demand of the economy making both parents to engage in paid employment. So a lot of persons can take advantage of this to earn a full or side income. You can start the haunting from your neighborhood for parents that needs babysitters, get to people in your churches, mosques or words of the mouth with people you come in contact with.

Errand running services

This is another viable business that needs no startup capital and you can make so much for yourself though this means. Get to let people know you could pick up a parcel for them and drop that off at a designated point for a fee. All what you need to succeed in this business is honesty and promptness. Kick start this from your neighborhood and out in the open. Do you have a face book or whatsapp group? You could advertise this service for free to people.

Makeup and head gear tying business

You can go into this business without a dime, what you really need is creativity and the needed skills, a lot of person need home services, they have already have their makeup kits and the gele head gear. All what you need do is make a fashionable style with gele and give them a makeover with the provided products for a fee. You can't imagine how much you will be making per each session of this service. Well, you could find out from those already in this business.

Catering services

The numbers of people that eat out leaves one wondering if people really cook at home. You could take advantage of this by charging a little fee if you are a good cook, start making money off bad cooks and males that hardly cook. All what you did do is advertise your services to friends and neighbors. Do a good job with your first job and you will be shocked at the referrals. Your customers are your no 1 advertiser so be good.

Consulting services industry

Are you blessed with the skills of advisory and counseling, then its time you turn it into a money-making venture. Some multinationals, companies and individuals are ready to pay for these magnificent ideas of yours. Remember it is not the man with money that rules the world but one with magnificent ideas and people know this, so they are ready to pay to get all these ideas and advices. You need no capital to start this, all you need are just few contacts, and you could start from your immediate environment, to your local church and through words of the mouth as you come in contact with people. So hone those skills, develop your interpersonal and communication skills and you start making your bucks.

Freelancing services

 This is another money spinning industry that one doesn't really need a startup capital. Don't just use your phone for chatting and playing games,. you could start making tonnes of money through freelance writing of articles, column in a newspaper, editing a write-up or even  proofreading for a fee, all what you need is your email to receive the information and sent back to your client the completed task and you're paid. How about freelance marketing, there are so many sites online that needs online freelance marketers, you market and sell their products for a fee. If you're good with convincing people, then go for the kill and make your money immediately.

Agency services

No capital is needed here, all what you need do to find out what people are looking for and be a mediator for a fee, a lot of people are looking for houses, get them one, let them meet with the owners of the property and you get your percentage cut for each closed deal .keep connecting people to want they need for a fee. Connect job hunters to a job for a fee etc.

Dance and fitness instructing business

People have come to realize how important it is to keep fit and most want it done at the comfort of their home. You could turn your hobby as a fitness enthusiast into a money making venture. From your personal body build, you don't need to woo your client too much. You could start with just a client and you will be amaze at the referrals you would get from doing a great job with your first client.

Tutoring and coaching services

This is one hot catch that you could make a lot of money with zero capital. There are so many areas you can tutor and coach people in. From having extra subject lessons with students especially those that would be sitting for one exams or the other to those in the Montessori that needs coaching, down to people that needs music, singing, games and even learning how to play instrumental coaching.  So don't hide that talent, get out there and exhibit it for money.

Entertainment business

People love to relax and enjoy jokes, see people dance, watch people perform etc after a hard day job. Do you have what it takes to make people laugh? Can you dance well? Are you gifted with playing the instruments .well, can you generally entertain people. Then get to the local clubs, pubs, bars or joints and negotiate your fees with the management team for a performance and you will be shocked at the much you can make daily.

This list is inexhaustible, there're so many businesses we can start with zero capital all what you need is determination and hard work and in months to come, you wouldn't believe your account balance. So go and rule your business world





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