Secret Of A Happy Marriage

Never ever fight!
Disagreements can sometimes be healthy in a relationship if done once in a while. Never allow fighting to eat away your relationship. In fighting, both parties lose the fight. No one ever wins.
Fighting can be damaging. It involves emotions. When emotions get involved, you may say harmful things that you really dont mean to say, and unfortunately whats done can never be taken back.
As much as possible, avoid getting into a heated argument. A fight can easily damage a marital relationship. The fight may start over an unimportant matter and before you both know it, it soon escalates into an exchange of offensive words.
Always remember the Law of Harvest. Dont continue to sow seeds of you always or you never into your relationship so that you will not reap it. Whatever you focus on and hear over and over again becomes a reality.
Avoid using the following words:
You did it again!
When will you learn?
I cant believe this. I married someone whos not capable of doing things right.
This is such a mess!
Don´t pull out the big gun when argument progresses and emotions rise to the surface for the sake of winning. Don´t try to bring in the past. Let bygones be bygones forever. Stay out of it. Leave it where it belongs. Bringing up the past in an argument can add fuel to the fire. Focus only on the present situation no matter how difficult it is.
In a fight no one really wins because both parties lose the game. This affects closeness of the husband and wife. Gaps arise because of the fight. Your spouse will feel awkward when you are around after the fight. Fighting is really immature regardless of how old you are or how long you have been married. It is only natural for children but not for adults.
Treat your spouse the treatment he or she deserves. Be careful with the words that you use.

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