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Bad Habits we all are Often Guilty of...that Turns Our Home Into a Mess

Apr 24, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 1K
No matter how hard we try to keep clean, our environment still tend to end up in a mess. It turns out that there are certain bad habits we will always find difficult to conquer no matter how hard we try. We've all at some point made promises to always keep our abode as tidy as possible but in one way or the other we subconsciously become slobby and everything around us turn into a mess even before we notice it. 
Here are some uncanny habits that most of us are actually guilty of having. It seem that no matter how hard we try to avoid them, they keep occurring, leaving our homes in a pathetic situation. 

Harboring unused things 
There are lots of things around us that are more or less not important anymore, instead of getting rid of them, we tend to keep them around thinking we might still need them. In the long run, they end up creating a mess out of our environment. If you know that you no longer need those shoes anymore, get rid of it or find someone to give. Don't keep it around thinking that you might still wear it. 

Bringing Home Unnecessary items
Most times we go out to a place and bring home something that will create nuisance around our house. Those things can be something like senseless souvenirs, symbolic gifts, leaflets, checks, and unreasonable magazines. In order to make keeping order in our home a lot easier, there should not be extra items around. They will always end up creating a mess. 

Not removing soap stains in the bathroom right away
We've all made up our minds at some point to always wipe out soap stains from the bathroom immediately we finished bathing, but how many of us are currently keeping to that promise? 
In order to avoid the extra effort you will put into cleaning your bathroom when doing a general cleanup, develop the habit of wiping out soap layers immediately you finish bathing. It might not even take a long time to do but might actually be reducing the burden of cleaning anytime you decide to wash your bathroom. 

Piling up Dirty Clothes thinking we will soon wash them
We are fond of stocking up piles of dirty clothes thinking that we would wash them very soon. Though we had made a resolution that we were going to wash every single dress immediately after wearing them. But after putting them on, we decide to wait a little longer before they go into the soap water, and we end up having stock piles of dirty clothes even before we realize it. 
While it might be difficult to wash every single clothe immediately after wearing them, we can actually save ourselves a lot of future stress if we have an easy routine in place. Set out a day or two to do the laundry and stick to it. You might not even spend up to 15 minutes washing just few clothes, but you will probably be creating a hours long of stress for yourself, should you pile them up. 

Keeping random items on tables
How many of us are not actually guilty of stocking our tables with unnecessary items? let me see them hands! It seem that we all are actually guilty i guess!  
A table that is meant for dinning would soon become a library for storing books, a rack for holding jack knives, and the house of phone chargers...that's how we role! 
It’s convenient to have the most used items on hand but oftentimes, we end up stocking our tables with everything we have in the house including our shoes. Try to keep only a couple of necessary items both on your desk and on the kitchen table, and save your home from looking messy. 

Keeping all sorts of unnecessary things together
If you are here and you kept your toothbrush, bathing soap, bible, and your under wears on the same container, don't worry you are not alone. 
Another source of creating eternal mess is by bringing different things that don't relate and keeping them together in one place. Having a specific domain were specific items are kept will ensure that your home don't get messy enough. 

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