Signs that Show Your Home Has a Good Resale Value

Mar 27, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
With the population of the world constantly increasing, and with the level of migration, the need for accommodation is becoming more dire. There are lots of people who need homes to rent and some who want to buy. And most of these people have criteria for the type of homes they need and the location where they want it to be. So if you are a landlord/landlady who is planning to put his/her home for sale, here are requirements or factors you would want to consider in order to boost the market or resale value of your home.  

The Neighborhood Is Safe
Safety is usually the first thing everyone considers when it comes to buying a home. No body would want to have a house around the neighborhood where he or she would be sleeping with one eyes open. When the neighborhood is in safe hands, chances are, your house will actually have enough potential buyers. 

The Lot Is Large
There are lots of people who are willing to splurge on a home because of its vast lot. Lots are usually very enticing to home buyers who like to garden or perhaps who enjoys some outdoors chilling. Plus lots provide enough spaces for vehicles to be parked is just a bonus.   

Because Few Homes Are on the Market
One of the major factors that determine how fast a home will sell is the amount of houses that are up for sale. If there are few houses in the market, there are chances that your home will be sold in no time and even at a robust price. The less competition your house faces from other houses on the market, the more likely it will sell quickly. This is just a natural law of supply and demand.

The Neighborhood Is Quiet
Privacy is everything and its something we all subconsciously crave for. A home in a tranquil environment is usually the most wanted. Perhaps at the end of the workday, most people would want to come home to a quiet place where they can relax and loosen up after the hustling and bustling of the long day. Neighborhood that finds it difficult to rest due to the constant noise of traffic or perhaps a busy nearby rail way, is usually off limit for potential buyers. So if your house is enveloped in tranquil environment selling it will not be difficult. 

The House Is in Good Shape
No body would want to buy a home where enough money still need to be spent in order to put the house in shape. Home buyers are looking for houses that are turnkey ready. A house that they can just move right in without having to worry about fixing loopholes. Houses with faulty wiring, leaky roofs and perhaps outdated pains are usually a turn off for potential buyers. Having those things already taken care of, boost the resale value chances for your home.   
Amenities Are Nearby
How close a house is to a mall, supermarkets, recreational centers, restaurants and other amenities, determines how much potential buyers will come looking for it.  Home buyers want to buy a house in good shape, but they also want to ensure that necessary amenities are easily accessible. If your house is located within a short driving distance of these desirable destinations—or perhaps within walking distance, voila! the resale value for it is going to be high. 

The Schools in the Community Are in Good Shape 
Everyone these days want their kids to attend schools that can be found within the neighborhood. Your home’s resale value will be fair if it’s located in a highly rated school district. 

If Your House Has Great Curb Appeal
The view of a house from a distance is as important as the the house itself. Most home owners are fascinated when their houses have a good view from a distance. So the first view a potential buyer will get of your house will definitely be from the street. If it’s great, the buyer is more likely to schedule a date of meeting to make an offer. 

Set an Accurate Asking Price
One of the mistakes you wanna avoid is setting the wrong price for your house. First of all before setting the price for your house you want to make sure that it meets most of the requirements above. Homes that are overpriced may sit for months or longer without getting any offer, while accurately priced homes typically receive an offer in no time.  

With all these been said, if  you know your house meets most of the factors above, then be ready to break bread with a potential buyer as you both discuss business. Good-luck!

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