Top 20 Graphic Designs that Inspired the "End SARS" Protest in Nigeria

Mar 12, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
The "End SARS" protest is forever going to be one of the most unforgettable moments in the Nigerian History. This was the period when the Nigerian youths for the first time, staged a protest that would kick against "Police brutality" in the country. It is no news that Nigeria as a country, ranks high when it comes to countries with the highest human rights violation in the world. It is a country where citizens rights are trampled upon by those in authority and those that were meant to protect the nation and its people. The End-SARS protest quite started out as a peaceful protest until the Nigerian government intercepted the movement and made it bloody. So many peaceful protesters lost their lives to the cold arms of death by those in authority. By using brutal forces, Nigerian citizens were robbed of their rights to seek for change. However, it is unclear whether another protest will be staged in the country due to too much resistance by the Nigerian government. Quite pathetic!  
With all been said, below are top 20 graphic designs and visual communications that actually inspired "End-SARS" protest.