How to be More Productive While Working from Home

Feb 19, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Telecommuting has become a common practice in our contemporary world. Although it is a practice that has been around for quite a while but it actually became very popular due to the current world’s situation (Covid19 pandemic). Base on different reasons, some organizations prefer their staffs working from home while some do not. Whether working from home should be encouraged or not still remains a heated discussion. However, according to a research, majority of managers say that telecommuting employees are actually more productive when they work from home. Not only are remote workers more efficient, but higher rate of telecommuters report feeling less stress and less burned out – which led to higher productivity and lower absenteeism.

Talking about productivity lets us quickly look at how people can be productive when they telecommute.

Be Organized

Careful planning creates an avenue for proper execution of plans. In order to be productive while working from home, your must be composed and be able to plan things out the right way.

Establish a Routine

Part of what makes working from home so stress-free and be productive is being able to surf through your own schedule and form a routine. By establishing a schedule, you can be sure to estimate how long things will take and make room for them.

Create your own workspace

Just like you would normally have your own workspace assuming you were working in the office, it is very important to create a workspace at home too if you must telecommute. A simple desk and a comfortable chair in anywhere that seem comfortable will do just fine.

Batch Your Work

Break your work into different piece and concentrate on each piece individually. While multitasking can make us less productive, batching your work does the opposite.

Find time to relax

It can be very easy to think that you are in your house so there is no need for break. For the fact that you are working from home does not mean that you shouldn’t give yourself a break and time to relax. Taking a reasonable time out to cool off is even the express route to greater productivity.  

Work in the right atmosphere

When you telecommute, you have to create that environment yourself. That could mean finding the right playlist, having a clean desk, or perhaps lighting the perfect candle, etc. You just have to find what works for you and let the ambiance get you in the work groove.

Be prepared for work

Because you work from home it can be very tempting to feel distracted. Try to eliminate everything that may come in between your focus. Learn to prepare for work in almost the same way you would if you were to go to the real office.

Study your sleep pattern

Not only does sleep rejuvenates you, but it also enhances your immune system, which is of the utmost importance. You need to build a consistent sleep routine that helps restore not only your physical being but your mental health too; all these are needed for a productive work day.

Get a coffee by the side 

The last thing you may need in order to enhance your productivity working from home, may just be a cup of coffee. There is always a lot to gain from brown bean. Slope down the caffeine to keep your senses up and running. 

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