How to Get Rid of Dampness and Humidity in Your Home

Feb 12, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

A space can be very uncomfortable to live in when it feels damp. When moisture sneaks its way into your home, it can causes a rise in humidity levels creating dampness in your space. So it is very necessary to take the first step, which would be, to avoid moisture all together or avoid things that can bring moisture into your apartment. Some few signals that could make you feel dampness in your home includes; Musty smell, wall marks, lifting or peeling of walls and cold walls.

How is damp caused?

There are quite a lot of things that could cause damp, but in its simplest form, damp is caused by condensation. As temperature falls, condensation rises -leading to the buildup of moisture which will altogether cause damp. Leaking pipes, wastes or overflows, missing roof tile, leaking window frames or blocked gutter, are other things that could be the culprit as well.

Though every house can suffer from damp problems for a myriad of reasons, but there are certain things that will eventually work for everyone to get rid of damp home once and for all. In order to get rid of this not-too-comfortable situation, below are helps you may want to consider.  

Never dry wet clothes indoors

It is a very big mistake drying wet clothes indoors. Majority of us are quite guilty of this, and however, it’s not the best practice after all because laundry is one of the major sources of humidity in many homes. This can be made even worse by poor ventilation within certain rooms. In order to prevent your damp clothes from increasing humidity levels, you can use a dryer or simply hang wet clothes outside to keep the moisture away in general.

Run Exhaust Fans in the House

Run fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to help let out obnoxious odors and excess humidity. Whenever you want to take a shower or cook in the kitchen, always make sure that fans are running in order to keep excess moisture away.

Clean your AC Filters

You Air Condition distribute cool air into your apartment by pulling surrounding air from the environment and filtering the moisture. But over time, the filters could get clogged with debris and prevent the flow of air, thereby enabling humidity. Always make sure to give them a nice wipe in order to reduce the amount of humidity in your home.

Avoid shutting your windows often

Make sure your windows are properly open whenever the sun brings out it face. With this, you will be quite sure that some moisture is sucked out. Also, getting rid of dampness in your house sometimes means changing your own habits and adjusting your lifestyle. As little as you own breath and the steams that escapes from boiling water in the kettle, can create moisture in your home. Make sure your pots and kettles are well closed when cooking and always keep your gas cooker and stoves close to the window so steams can escape easily and don’t get trapped inside your house, creating moisture.

Get a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier goes a long way to make you having a damp free home. It works by sucking in all the air in the room and squeeze out the moisture that causes damps and molds. It has a small bucket where all the condensed water go into which you will empty latter. Always use a dehumidifier every 24 to 36 hours depending on the season.

Wipe down windows and sills every morning

The window duties should be a usual chore. Remove condensations as soon as you see it as this will stop any mould from building up. 

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