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Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body While You Sleep

Sleep is undoubtedly the most important thing we need as human beings. There are quite a lot we stand to gain when we switch to our safe shutdown mode. Having a good and adequate snooze helps to step up our immune system and keep the body working at it best because this is the only best way to recuperate after a long day of nerve wrecking activities. Sleep is one of the few things that unite all living things; however, not much is still known about it - there are quite enough facts about sleeping we are yet to wrap our heads around; like why we have sleep cycles, what’s the reason behind dreams and why humans even need sleep at all. These are the few among the many questions that science is yet to provide precise answers to. With all being said, read on to find out some of the few interesting facts about having a good snooze. 

Your brain sorts and processes the day’s information
When we sleep, there are a lot going on down there in our brain. For the fact that we become dormant when shutdown doesn’t mean that our brain is too - this little machine is working all day long even while we are sleeping; trying to sort, process the day’s information and establish memories. Sleeping is particularly important because that period is when our brain tend to creating long term memories as it consolidates all the information it’s picked up during the day and files them away for later use. 

Hormones flood your body
There are a number of different hormones released during sleep, all of which serves different purposes - “Melatonin and thyroxin are some of the major ones. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep pattern while thyroxin is a growth hormone that helps the body grow and repair itself. 

Sleep makes you come out of stress 
Stress can take a big toll our health. It can come in between our metabolism and render our immune system useless. If there is any better ways to recuperate and allow our body undergoes some healing process, sleeping would be it. When you sleep, your body releases melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep pattern as mentioned above. This hormone has been shown to counter “cortisol”- the hormone that makes you react to stress.   

Your muscles paralyze
While asleep, you cycle through periods of non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) and rapid eye movement sleep (REM). The REM period is when we mostly experience dreams and nightmares. During the REM, muscles tend to be temporarily paralyzed, totally prevent you from moving. Researches believe that this needs to happen so that you don’t physically act on your dreams. 

Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) helps you not have to wee
ADHs are hormones that help your body reabsorb water from the kidney thereby delaying the rate at which you pee. If you have ever wondered why you urinate so often during the day and can go the whole night without peeing, give thanks to the ADH. It is released by the brain under a circadian rhythm system which switches off the need to urinate so often at night.

Your immune system releases inflammation fighting cytokines
Adequate sleep keeps your immune system working at it best. While you’re sleeping, your immune system releases a type of small proteins called cytokines. These proteins help your body to fight inflammations, infections and trauma. This is the major reason why you snooze all day when you are sick. 

Insomnia is such a terrible condition that anybody should probably avoid. There is no medicine that is as good as having adequate sleep. Getting a good sleep is very vital to your physical body as well as your mental health. When you have difficulty getting a good bed-rest, consult your doctor without delay.     

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