Important Changes Brought to the World Because of COVID-19

Jan 13, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
The whole world has never been the same since the infamous “Wuhan virus” hit the entire planet. So much damages have been done to almost all areas of our everyday life. Ranging from hanging out and chilling with friends, going to works and dealing with our day to day business activities. Without bandying much words, we would say that the world has suffered enough plagues and so much catastrophe caused by Covid19. Although this pandemic has been a way down in the fall for so many people – it has actually brought them lots of breakthroughs. While for others, they’ve been the victim of circumstance.  
With all been said, is there really any way the world has changed as a result of this virus? Let’s find out. 

New vocabulary 

We will all agree that a number of new words and phrases have sprung up since the origin of the pandemic. The general lexicon has been reshuffled in these recent times. “COVID-19” is undoubtedly a new word which only found it way into the dictionary in less than a year ago. We were also told to practice “social distancing” – another new phrase, so we could slow down the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. We even became familiar with some non-very popular epidemiological terms like the "basic reproduction number”, which means the average number of people who got infected by the virus from a single infected individual. 

Wardrobe addition

Who would have thought that there will be a time when a disease would change the fashion line and add some little touchups to our fashion wits? 
Our way of dressing changed since the origin of the pandemic. The face mask has become a must have for almost every one of us. Not only does this piece of cloth help to limit the spread of the virus but also it improves our overall look in dressing. 
With medical masks in short supply at the beginning of the pandemic, sewing pros began churning out some nice ideas of making homemade masks for their communities. Although it all started out as a joke when we were told to start wearing face masks, but along the line the need became very dire after several studies show how effective it was for limiting the spread of the virus. Plus improving our dressing is just a bonus! 

Anxiety and depression

The pandemic also took a big toll on our mental health. Many of us suffered depression and anxiety due to the negative impact it had in almost every important aspect of our lives. Ranging from unemployment, school closures, difficulties in hanging out and chilling with friends, business losses and the fear of catching the virus itself. 

Pandemic drinking 

The pandemic brought a shift in the way we do the alcohol. With so many things that sucks amidst the lockdown, bingeing on alcohol became the most sought after escape route to cope with anxieties and depression.  
Several studies that was published show that alcohol consumption in the western world increased by 14%. Women in particular reported worrying increases in heavy drinking, according to the study. 

School closure and virtual learning