The Hidden Secretes in Everyday Things

Jan 12, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Very often we humans tend to pay close attention to our environment. This is one of the most inherent features gifted to us by nature. Knowledge has become the drive of man from time immemorial and the craving for enlightenment thus, seems to be very far from wane. However, there are quite a lot of things still shackling down in mysteries that we are yet to unravel. And some of these things happens to be those we are very familiar with - they are everyday things we think we know much about yet they’ve been designed to do much more than we thought.

Below are day to day things that have stunning functions yet you never knew anything about them.

The tiny button on your jeans.

This buttons have much more to them than meet the eyes. If you’ve ever wondered why your jean last much longer than other of your pants, it is because these rivets are playing some significant role in the background than you actually noticed. These tiny buttons are placed on the areas of your jeans where tears are most likely to occur due to movement or strains. They are there to keep your jeans last long.

Grooves on the bottoms of cups

Have you ever been curious about what an indented line is doing on the bottom of your tea cup? It turns out that this little grooves have much more importance than we know. They are designed to allow cool air pass beneath the cup and balance the temperature so the cup don’t get cracked up when heated as a result of hot tea or coffee.

 The handles of utensils.

The handles of your pot are not just only designed for you to be able to hold the pot, I guess our moms didn’t actually tell us much about this area of cooking! They can also help you to hold your spoon so it don’t get too messy when cooking.  

The hole in pen cap

Some puzzles are about to be unraveled on these little ones right now! Most of us may really have wondered why pen covers come with holes – well, it turns out that the manufactures were quite proactive enough to have foreseen the future. 

These pen covers are designed that way in order to save lives. Since swallowing a biro cover is a frequent accident most especially in children from age 5 - 13, pen caps where made to come with holes. The hole allow air to pass through the cover to prevents choking should in case someone accidentally swallows it.

The ridges on the “F” and “J” keys on the keyboard

When you take a good look at your laptop keyboard, you will notice that only the “F” and “J” keys have ridges. But why are they really designed that way? They are designed so that the index fingers can easily locate other keys with the help of your muscle memory. This is one of the reasons why you type effortlessly without looking at your keys.

The arrow next to the fuel tank symbol in the gas gauge

This indicator help you know the position where your fuel tank is. It is a very common experience that when we driving a car we are not familiar with, we get mixed up as regards which side of the car the fuel tank is on. So this little indicators help you locate the position of the fuel tank with ease – take note!

The little dot next to the camera on an iPhone.

Most of us think that this little dot is a flash light but it’s so not. This dot is a microphone for recording when you’re using the back camera.

The little hole next to the keyhole.

This hole is not just a design like most of us thought. It is actually there to help drain out water from the lock when the lock is used outdoors to prevent water from clogging in it and rusting the lock. This hole can also be used to oil the lock’s hinges to permit lubrication. 

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