Reason You're Always Tired

Dec 13, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Feeling tired is a normal situation of life. In fact it is even one of the major thing that defines a living thing --even the most solitary organism (plants) get tired too. There are several factors that can contribute to tiredness. But the most common is from strenuous exercises and works. However, while these are the major contributing factors, there are several others that can also knock enough strength out of you that you probably didn't even know about.

Not exercising regularly

Not exercising regularly can actually take a big toll on your health. Regular exercise help sustain your metabolic rate and endurance level. It keeps your body fit and health. 

You are not hydrated enough

Don't mess with your hydration. It is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Not drinking enough water can reduces your blood volume. This reduction decreases the amount of nutrient (including oxygen) available in the blood.

You are iron deficient

Iron is very necessary in your diet. It is the major mineral that facilitates the transport of oxygen. Deficiency in iron makes you feel sluggish, weak and tired.

You are too much of a perfectionist

Trying to be perfect is very much unlikely. When you are a perfectionist, you work harder and longer than necessary with set goals that are often impossible to achieve. This is more than enough to drain the energy out of you.

You suffer from irrational fears

Thinking of things that are yet to happen can put you in an unnecessary fight and flight mode. When you anticipate the unknown, you invite unnecessary fears that can mentally paralyze and exhaust you. Try to be less apprehensive and maintain a positive attitude always. 

You live on fast food

Foods that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. These sugar highs, interspersed with sharp drops, can cause fatigue throughout the day. Therefore, keep your blood sugar level stable with the right food.

You are a people pleaser

It is very exhausting trying to please others. According to psychologists, always busy trying to please other people can make you do things at the expense of your own energy and happiness.

You think too much

Thinking too much can leave you feeling exhausted. This because your brain consumes more energy than any other organ in your body.

You are working instead of resting

Holidays are not meant for work, they are meant for you to relax. Try to relax every part of your being while on holidays because that is the only gift you've got.

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