Live Saving Tips on How to Survive The Harmattan Season

Dec 10, 2019 Kayode Oseh

The harmattan is the most dreaded season of the year but to some people this season is the most fun. It is a season in west African countries which usually occur between the end of November and the beginning or middle of march. It is characterized by dry and dusty winds which blows from the Sahara desert over many west African countries. This season often comes with cold, dry winds, haziness and a lot of dust. A period where most of us tend to be locked in our sweaters and socks all day just to shield cold and dust.

Quite a lot happen during the harmattan period not to mention the tons of ailments that often accompany it. Anyway, its always better to be safe than to be sorry. Below are defense measures anyone may want to consider in order to survive the harmattan season.

Build your immune system this season

We know you've been eating something healthy before now but you may want to consider doubling your nutrition now that the hammartan period is around. The weather conditions that often come with harmattan is enough to cause a notable disaster to any immune system so eating well is the first step into overcoming it.

Stay hydrated

It goes without saying that we should always stay hydrated. The harmattan period is usually followed with high sunlight and low humidity, this weather condition is quite enough to dehydrate anything. So keeping your hydration level constant will actually keep your entire body working at it best.

Adjust outfits

Weather conditions are always extreme during this period. It is often very hot during the day and very cold during the night. So to be able to contain this conflicting extreme weathers, one need to adjust outfits where necessary. Put on something light during the day when the environment seem to be hot with the sun scotching and something heavy at night when the temperature drops and everywhere gets cold.

Take vitamin C

Vitamin C comes in quite handy during the this period. Due to the dusty winds the harmattan usually come with,  it is quite common to catch respiratory infections (catarrh) very quickly. Vitamin C should always be your companion.


Moisturizers, petroleum jelly, lip balms and oils should be some of the on the go items you should always be with. There is a tendency that your skin will get pretty much dry soon, so these things may just be the only help you need at that point. Apply the balm on your lip and the moisturizer on your skin when any of them start to get dry.

Be careful with fires

During this period, avoid unnecessary burning of things and try to to putout fires completely. This is because there is dry air blowing around and fires tend to get aggravated pretty quickly.

Avoid dusty areas

Avoid dusty areas, especially those that are asthmatic. Although dust is inevitable during this period, however, there are lot of things to do in order to contain it. Always get around with your inhalers, for those of us that are asthmatic and try wearing a face mask where necessary.

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