How to Make an Orange Juice Without Using Juice Extractor

Dec 03, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

In a funny kind of way it turn out that you can still enjoy fresh orange juice even when you don't have any juice extractor in your kitchen. This trick is very effective and will extract the juice with little or no pulps from the orange.

What you need includes;

.    Oranges of any amount you wish
  1500 ml plastic empty bottle (big bottle)
   250 ml plastic empty bottle (small bottle)
   2 large skewers
.    An empty glass for the juice

How do you do it?

.    Use a utility knife to cut the large bottle in half horizontal fashion. 
   Take the cap off of the bottle and place it upside down onto an empty glass.
   Place a smaller, empty bottle (with cap removed) upside down into the large bottle. But don't cut the small bottle like you did in the large one. 
.    Stick one of the large skewers through the bottles just above the neck of the large bottle.
   Stick the second skewer through the bottles about five cm above the other one. Just to make sure that the bottle stay in place.
   Slice the oranges in two and press half an orange onto the bottom of the small bottle. Press down using a circular motion.

See Image Above.

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