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Things You Didn't Know You Can do With Superglue

Nov 27, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 4K

We've all reached for glues every now and then to fix one broken thing or the other. However, it turns out that we really have not explored to the fullest the benefits of this adhesive. There are quite a number of things and situations superglue can come in more handy that most of us aren't really aware of. Below are just a few of them;

It repairs fashion accessory

Always make superglue one of your must have item in your bag just in case of emergency. Whether it's the lens of your sunglasses, a strap on your shoulder bag, or your hair clip that got broken, keeping the company of superglue would actually make you border less about the broken item because its always there to give it a fix even while you are on the go.

Shoe and Boot Repairs

With superglue around you can always be your own cobble. When you notice some glitches in your shoes, maybe the tread or the sole is tearing away, always reach for a glue to do some perfect job for you.

Auto Maintenance

Always have a small bottle of glue in your car in case of unseen small-scale mishaps. Superglue comes in handy for a whole lot problems that you may encounter in your vehicle. It can help repair broken side mirrors, seal up ripped upholstery and patch up cracked lights.

It protects guitarist finger

Picking strings when playing guitar can create wears and tears in the finger and it hurts quite much. One good way to avoid this is to add some few drop of superglue to your finger nails and allow it to dry before playing the guitar. The reason is because it creates a rocky shell on the finger which help absorb pain when playing.

It help grow nails

It can be very annoying loosing the fingernail you've been growing for so long. For those of us who are always fascinated with long nails, superglue is one thing to always count on. It preserves your nail and protect them from breaking easily. Although you don't need to coat your entire nail plate with it --just add a few drops of it to the free-edge of the fingernail and let it get dried on it. Do this occasionally or when you notice that the glue has started to wear off.

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