Several Ways Alcohol Benefits You and Makes You Smarter

Nov 26, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Alcohol is a substance that often gets a bad rap in the society. We so much spend much of our time maligning this substance that we tend to forget that there are also tons of benefits attached to it too. While we often consider alcohol a vice, it turns out that this substance is not a complete devil after all -having a moderate booze daily can actually be a step in the right direction for a healthy body. From relieving stress to boosting memory even down to weight lost, a balanced daily intake of alcohol can benefit your entire system in tons of ways and can lead you into the path of righteousness for your health sake.

Here are benefits of light to moderate drinking of alcohol that may surprise you;

Alcohol improves your ability to learn a new language

When we say learning a new language we don't simply mean speaking gibberish or saying some hallucination inspiring nonsense, for real alcohol can actually make you learn languages faster.

In a study involving a group of 50 German students who had just finished learning the dutch language, researchers gave a pint of beer to half of the group while to the other half, a non-alcoholic beverage. The entire student were then told to converse with judges who were native dutch speakers however, the judges never knew about the drink aspect. It was found that those who had consumed the alcoholic beer received significantly higher scores than the students who had non-alcoholic drinks.

It Helps you think more clearly

Although large intake of alcohol can affect the prefrontal cerebral cortex of the brain making it difficult to think and make decisions clearly but a moderate sip thus, does the opposite. Study found that light to moderate drinking of alcohol can actually help your brain relax. Make your thinking and judgement to be fast, clear and more precise.

It Boosts your memory

A little sip of alcohol before exam can actually be a recipe for a retentive memory, however, make sure you don't booze too much so as to avoid hangovers. In a recent study, researchers found that students who drank alcohol after studying were better at recalling what they had learned, compared to students who didn’t. Although alcohol comes in between the learning process because it can prevent the learning of new things. But on the other hand it preserves an already registered memory, making a recently learned information to become a long-term memory.

Helps with weight loss

Although binging on alcohol can make you gain crazy weight. However, having a daily glass might actually do the opposite. A study shows that you can 'train' your metabolism to burn off alcohol more efficiently by regularly consuming moderate amounts, rather than binge-drinking often or completely staying away. This metabolism boost can help people in general lose weight more easily than those who don't do alcohols at all.

Boosts happiness

No one can doubt this fact because it is very obvious. Although consuming too much alcohol on a daily bases actually sets you in for more depression but boozing moderately everyday can bring you into the sphere of happiness. One study analyzed 2,600 men and 2,800 women over a course of seven-year, the study found that people who drank two to seven glasses of wine a week were less likely to suffer from depression compare to teetotallers.

Reduces stress

If a moderate daily booze can fill your life with joy and happiness, don't you think relieving stress is a piece of cake? One study discovered that light to moderate amounts of alcohol can be a recipe for coping with stress. Although alcohol shouldn't be a remedy for coping with stress long term because overdoing it will actually cause your body to build a tolerance to the de-stressing effects of alcohol. But having a little booze when you feel down can actually help you jettison some negative energies and keep you straight.

Boosts creativity

Thinking of ways to be creative? then grab a cup of beer. A recent study found that one to two glasses of alcohol can actually help people with creativity. The study found that participants who boozed a little were more creative in solving puzzles than those who were sober. 

Helps you live longer

Although heavy drinking can take a big toll on your health and can even lead to premature death. But a recent study discovered that drinking an alcoholic beverage every once in a while reduces a person’s risk of premature death by 18 percent.

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