Reasons Why Students Don't Graduate Well From College

Oct 29, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The college environment is undoubtedly an interesting place to be. There are quite a lot going on in that environment, from early morning classes, to all night reading, down to social gatherings and parties, assignments and seminars. This is a place where you are likely to meet different people of different backgrounds. You tend to make lots of friends, get to know people you wouldn't have had the opportunity to know in your life time. We could say whoever that didn't experience the university life has actually missed a lot.

Going to college is a very crucial part of every student life because that is the final phase of education that really determines a student dreams of becoming anything in the society.

You are very intelligent yet you couldn't even graduate well with your peers, do you think its your fault? maybe or maybe not.

It will be very important to point out that the university environment actually contains a lot. There are quite a number of factors that determine your success while in school. You were very intelligent but the reason why you failed may have resulted from one of the following.

Your Financial situations was not OK

Financial situation is the most important aspect of being a student. Most students are not so fortunate to be financially buoyant and this can actually affect their academic performance. A broke student is always a frustrated and a miserable one, and no matter how intelligent you are if your financial situation is not encouraging there are higher chances that your academic performance will suffer.

You had a Poor Student and Lecturer relationship

Student and lecturer relationship is very vital in the academic performance of every student. No one can doubt the fact that the relationship between student and their lecturers is actually going down the drain. Most lecturers have made themselves seem God to their student, they capitalize on their power to oppress student unnecessarily. And this is one of the leading causes that contribute to the academic failures of many student most especially in Africa.

You were affected by Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be very tough to deal with in the college environment. The desire to fit in and feel like one is part of a group is completely normal but it can actually destroy the academic life of any student when it influences him/her negatively. Combating the pressure of peers can be challenging but it's essential that one knows what one's personal values are and where him/her stand about certain things.

You were Studying too hard and not having fun