Biggest Bedroom Worries For Men And What To Do About Them

Bedroom duties are one of the most important duties of being a man. There is nothing more terrifying than when a man realizes that he is not up to the task when it comes to delivering his duties in bed. That feeling sucks, it is very unpleasant and demeaning. Studies have shown that there is actually no man without one bedroom problem or the other, although they may not accept it. No matter how much of a superhero a man is, there is absolutely one thing that freaks him out when it comes to intimacy.

Below are some of the most common bedroom worries facing most men you may want to lookout for. It is very necessary to identify and do something about them when they become a problem. 

Your partner's needs

If you don't understand your partner sexually, you may feel terrified about her needs. Although it is a popular believe that all sexual activities are the same regardless of whoever is involved, but in reality this is actually not true. Different women enjoy sex differently and what may actually arouse one's sexual appetite may actually be a total turn off for another. Understanding your partner is very necessary because it may actually help you cope with the fear of what she may need.

How to Start

This is a very common experience among those that are shy. Men that are very shy may actually find it difficult getting right down to business when compared to other men who are extroverts and those who understands the game. However, this can be overcome easily because when the relationship start to get better with time and both of you are getting used to yourselves, this becomes less of a problem.

Performance Anxiety

Men want to make their partners happy so that they can be seen as superheros, but how to deliver this happy is often a big problem and a big worry. Most men can be very unsure of their performance in bed. This is actually not good because it makes you mounts unnecessary pressure on yourself which will actually make sexual encounter miserable for you at the end. There are lots of negativity attached to performance anxiety such as premature ejaculation, weak erection (erectile dysfunction), lost of sexual desires among many others.

Performance anxiety seem like a big problem to many but it can easily be dealt with. One of the major things you need to do is for you to be relaxed and don't expect too much from yourself.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual activities. most men suffer from this without even knowing it. Several factors could lead to erectile dysfunction which includes a low testosterone levels, stress, depression, and performance anxiety. However, there are several ways of treating this problem depending on the cause.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common experience among men. It is when a man ejaculates faster probably within a few minutes of penetration. This can be a very bad situation because it may leave your partner quite unsatisfied. Although there is no specific extent to which a good sex should last but being able to keep up with intercourse that is long enough to satisfy your partner, is very important. While this is a very common problem, the truth is that it is very easy to solve. You can naturally delay ejaculation to whichever extent you chose, you can even choose not to ejaculate at all the choice is yours. The beautiful thing is that you can do this naturally, all that is required is for you to master some few tricks and techniques.   

The leading cause of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety and over excitement. When a man is unsure of his performance in bed it could make him ejaculate earlier than normal. Also over excitement is another factor that leads to premature ejaculation. Understand that sexual enjoyment is a thing of the brain, when a man is too carried away with stimuli and excitement, it leads to series of reactions in the brain which could all result into earlier than normal ejaculation.

Not too carried away with sexual enjoyment and avoiding performance anxiety, can all make you last longer to whichever extent you so desire. Mastering some specific exercise could also help e.g pelvic floor exercise (Kegel exercise), pause squeeze techniques, the stop-start method. These exercise target the muscles in your genital areas and develop them so that they can effectively control ejaculation. 

Body Image

Having a poor body image is another thing men should avoid. The way you look at yourself is the way you will present yourself to others. Most men feel that they are not well endowed and because of that females may not like them, but in reality this is actually not true. Confidence is the fist step into enjoying a good sex, virtually all women love men who are confident in themselves regardless of how they look. Being concern about your body image can actually affect not only your sexual life but your entire life in general. 

Penis Size

This is actually all men's worry. Studies have showed the eight in ten men worry about their penis size even when they know they are not suppose to. While men are too carried away with the size of their penis, the most surprising fact is that women don't really care about that. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to man's emotional involvement rather than the size of his penis and that there are more to enjoying a good sex other than how big the penis is.

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