Here Are The Moments You Shouldn't Be Drinking Water

We all love to drink water always as it is the most important thing we need as humans. In as much as we loved to quench our thirst often, there are just some times we need to stay off water or moments when it's best not to drink water at all.

After consuming a big meal

After consuming a large chunk of meal, our belly tend to be so filled that there are no extra spaces left for water to squeeze in. It is OK to say that It's not very wise to drink a glass of water after consuming a large meal. Because It may lead to bloating and severe discomforts or a post eating trauma. Try avoiding this if you don't want to wiggle on the ground like an earthworm.

Directly after exercising

It is an irresistible feeling to have the urge to drink water after a strenuous exercise. But do you actually know its a dangerous something to do? When we exercise, our body temperature increases and drinking some water most especially when iced-cold can actually cause the digestive system and internal organs to experience a shock, causing chronic pain in the stomach.

When involved in a severe accident

Most people offer water to accident victims in an attempt to render a helping hand but ended up sending them to their grave. Giving water to someone with a severe injury due to accident or after falling from a height it totally not advised. This is because the victim may have internal injuries that can result in a hemo-vascular anomaly, which can make them to crave for water a lot.

At that point in time the victim will be surviving on the blood in his body but when given water, the blood will be diluted and they may end up collapsing into death before they have any medical aid.

When your urine is transparent

No one will tell you that you are over hydrated because you will always see the signal from your pee. A normal urine color ranges from pale yellow to deep amber color, this is as a result of the nitrogenous compound (urea) present in it. When your urine becomes colorless like water or more transparent than normal, is an indication that your water level is high and you need to cut it down. Too much water in the body can dilute electrolytes (sodium, and potassium) present in the blood bringing about irregularities in cell to cell transportation and communication.

Right before bedtime

It is true that we should always drink water immediately after we woke up in the morning, because its very good for our health. But drinking water before going to bed is completely the opposite. Drinking water right before sinking into bed is something we should totally avoid. Not only will your sleep be interrupted because you have to go always but also you may wake up with a swollen face and limbs as well. Our kidney at night doesn't work as better as it does during the day and this may actually contribute to the symptoms you may experience when you wake up.

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