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Things You Never Knew Onion Can Be Used For

Sep 18, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 3.8K

Onions are one of the most fascinating ingredients you can ever find in your kitchen. They are one of the oldest foods known to mankind. These guys are very ruthless -they are the only things in our kitchen that tend to defend themselves when they feel threatened... i guess you know what i mean.

Their usefulness goes beyond the kitchen. Aside being a condiments, there are also several ways through which this cute little veggies can be utilized. 

Great For Hair Health

If you have ever wished to grow a long hair in a way that will seem natural, consider onion as an option. Onion juice is known to be used as a remedy for hair health and can help with hair thinning, hair loss, itchy dry scalp, and dandruff.

Helps Against Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, which literally means porous bone, is a disease whereby bones looses it density and quality. The bones become more porous and fragile, causing a greater risk of fractures. Onions are vegetables that have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help prevent bone damage, they may just be the wonder food that can help prevent this disease better.

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland identified a compound in onions that decreases bone loss. The compound responsible for a decrease in bone loss was a peptide called GPCS. Treatment with GPCS in rats significantly inhibited the loss of bone minerals when compared to cells exposed to GPCS. The study suggests that eating enough onions might help prevent bone loss and tackle the effect of osteoporosis.

Used To Clean Metal Items

If you would be comfortable using this and not minding the smell, onion can be a good cleaning agents you might love. They have been shown to be effective in removing light rust marks from thin pieces of metal such as silverware and knives. Rust can easily be removed from these metals by simply sticking them into an onion and allowing them to rest there for a few hours. Then remove the metal from the onion and rinse the metal as you normally would.

Cures Injuries & Boosts Blood Circulation