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Coca-Cola can be Very Useful in Your Garden -This is how

Sep 13, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 3.5K

Because that mineral is no longer fizzing doesn't mean it is completely useless. If a coke has gone flat, it is quite suspicious that the quality is no longer there and the glamor that comes with the enjoyment is lost. But does that means the usefulness is completely gone? not really. Minerals can be very handy for a whole lot of chores including gardening.

See how effective they can be in your garden whether flat or not. 

It can be used for controlling Snails and slugs

Snails can be very disastrous to plant, they feed on leaves, cripple their look and make plant look vulnerable to destruction. If you are into floriculture, then these guys are a big deal. Because they can make your efforts all futile.

Snails and slugs can be very attracted to black drinks like coke. If they pose any serious danger to your plant, before you reach for your pesticides, try considering coke as an option. They have been proved to be effective and at the same time environmental friendly when compered to pesticides. 

All you need to do is fill a bowl with coke, bury it a little in the soil then watch the magic that will happen. Since snails and slugs are attracted to black drinks and sugars they will surely go for it but they will not survive because of the acid it contains.

Coca Cola is effective for Composting

Coke is a good ingredient for your compost it help break down organic matter and attract microbes so that bio-degradation can take place. This will make manure readily available for your plant to utilize.

You can use it to control insects

Snails and slugs are not the only animals that are attracted to Coca-Cola. Insect are as well a big fan of it -most especially ants, mosquitoes, and wasps. It has been known for a while that coke is a good agent for controlling mosquitoes in homes. For more information on how you can use coke to control mosquito in your home, click here.

It is reported that In India, farmers use Coke as a pesticide to ward off insects. It’s cheaper to acquire and pose less threat to the environment.

You can use it to clean Farm tools

Coke can be very effective in cleaning farm tools. We all know how bad a rusted farm equipment can be when using them. The next time you want to clean your farm tools and make them look good again, consider using coke this time. All you need to do is; soak the equipment overnight into a bucket filled with coke, bring them out the next day and clean as usual with cloth. You will be surprised as to how good looking the equipment will appear.

This method is very easy and effortless. Moreover, you won’t have to rub abrasive cleansers onto your tools, scratching the material, which may be very tedious to do.

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