This is Why You Are Not Beautiful

Aug 21, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Wen it comes to the idea of beauty, it goes beyond just your facial look, it encompasses quite a number of things of which your facially look is just one of them. To look beautiful has a lot to do with your personality, everyday habits and lifestyle. To be beautiful is strictly up to you and to be ugly is also up to you as well. You are the only person who can change how you look and no body else can.

If you think you don't like the way you look or you think you are not beautiful, take a close look at your daily habits there are just some things you are not doing right. Read further you may discover your problems. 

Avoid comparing yourself to others.

This is one of the leading cause of your problems, you compare yourself too much with other people - this is not a very healthy, its a habit you need to stop as soon as possible. Focus your attention into improving yourself instead of wallowing in your poor self image simply because you think that others are prettier than you. 

Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with constructive ones.

If you think you can't be pretty them you must be a liar. Do not pay attention to that negative thought that always pop up in you mind just to discourage you.  

Don't shy away too much from social events

Don't be self sabotaged, don't shy away from mingling with people simply because you don't feel good about your self. You may just be killing yourself gradually without realizing it. Get out of your shell and mingle its a good way of gaining confidence you may be surprise that people don't even care about the way you look. Do not be self sabotaged.

Be well groomed

If you want to look beautiful, try to look neat and well groomed. You may want to consider developing these habits; 

. Shower or bathe regularly, at least twice a day.

. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer twice a day.

. Exfoliate your skin every 1-2 weeks to remove dead skin cells. Mixture of sugar and coconut oil is a good home recipe for exfoliating the skin, you may want to try it.

. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.

. Keep your nails neat and tidy.

. Dress nice and neat. But note that you don't need to wear expensive clothes to look good - try to wear clothes that fits perfectly on you, not too big not too small and always iron clothes that needs to be ironed. Just make sure you look presentable.  

. Shape your eyebrows to look more put-together.

. Choose makeup that accentuates your features if you wear any.

. Choose accessories that complement your outfit, like, bangles, hand bands, wristwatches, you can wear rings if you wish.  

. Use a good body spray and smell nice.

Exercise regularly 

Try to keep fit and burn some fat if you are obsessed. For the guys, note that you don't need to look like Dwayne Johnson or accumulate enough muscles before having a good physiques. Just make sure you exercise regularly to maintain a good shape. Not only will you look good but also you will appear healthy as well as your immune system.

Eat a low-fat, nutrient-rich diet.

Cut down on your fat intake and eat more protein rich diet. It will help you look and feel great.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head high.

Learn to stand or sit straight with your head up, chest out if you can, because it makes you appear bold and confident. Stop burying your face on the ground when walking or when talking to someone, it makes you look awkward -  you need to stop that. If you must be beautiful, you must feel beautiful first because the way you see yourself matters a lot.

Try relaxation techniques to cope with stress.

Stress take a heavy toll on you. Whenever you are stressed, your body releases a chemical known as cortisol, this chemical can breakdown your tissues and make your skin look old and wrinkled, I'm very sure you wouldn't like that to happen.

There are many ways you can cope with stress, they includes; having fun, engage yourself in hobbies, spending time with friends, exercising regularly, doing things that makes you happy and feel relaxed. Engaging yourself in Yoga is also a better option.

Keep yourself Hydrated.

What makes you think that most articles are always emphasizing the point that we should always keep our self hydrated? do you think its only because water aids digestion? or water quench our thirst? if that's what you think, then think again. I'm very sure you may have come across the phrase water therapy, do you think its just a word? there are hundreds of benefits that accompany drinking enough water on regular bases. Water plays a huge role when it comes to your beauty. If you have ever admired someone with a shinny glowing skin, if you are close to that person, try monitor him or her, you will discover that they drink adequate amount of water on a regular bases.

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