See Amazing Way of Preventing Mosquitoes Without Using Insecticides

Jul 26, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Mosquitoes are vampires in disguise, Those guys don't give a Shit about what you think - all they understand is blood and blood alone. Their buzzing sound around our ears can be very annoying, making you to wonder how they even located it in the first place even when light is off. The conventional ways of repelling mosquitoes from your home is through the use of insecticides of which many people tends to be allergic to. Insecticides can affect our respiratory system due to it chemicals, It is totally a no go area for asthmatic patients that is why it is usually not advised for many people to use it.

However in this article you are going to learn an innovative trick of keeping mosquitoes away from feasting on you succulent skin without having the need of an insecticide. All you need is;     

  .  A plastic bottle
  50 grams of brown sugar       
  250 millilitres of warm water or Coca-Cola  
  .  ½ teaspoon of dried yeast  

This is how you make it

Cut the plastic bottle in two pieces at about two-thirds of the way up. Put the yeast, the warm water and the brown sugar in the bottom of the bottle as shown above. Take the top of the bottle and place this into the bottom upside down. Make sure you’ve taken the cap off the bottle before you do this! Because the mixture at the bottom of the bottle is irresistible to mosquitoes, they must go for it because it attracts them, they will fly into the bottle to get to it. The narrow neck of the bottle will cause them to be unable to leave the bottle again. Right now they are trapped, its as simple as that. This is actually wonderful because you can save yourself from the allergic effects of using insecticides. 

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