Chinese Thinks Boiling Eggs In Urine Is Medicinal

Jul 25, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Should we call this gross or innovation? Urine Egg Recipe

The Chinese are the only people in the world that are determined to explore nature to the fullest without leaving any stone unturned. Majority of things they do appears crazy and disgusting to other people from the else where's of life. From making medicine with cockroach to eating lizards and bugs, the Chinese have proved to others in the world that there is nothing under the sun that cannot be channeled into an advantage.

This delicacy Tongzi Dan, is another way the Chinese are showcasing to the world how innovative they can be. You may think they are insane but the fact remains that their insanity is creating rooms for more innovation.

The process for making Tongzi Dan (“virgin boy eggs”), is similar to making other types of boiled eggs, such as tea egg, and water eggs but the only different is that the eggs are soaked in urine.

I know this is sounding disgusting to you right now, but don't don't worry you have the right to feel that way because it is really really gross.

In Dongyang Zhejiang Province of China, these eggs are sold on the roadside. Consumers claim that the eggs cure or prevent a myriad of ailments and as well delicious.

The eggs are made by boiling regular chicken eggs in urine. It is a two-step process. The eggs are first boiled in urine. Then they are removed, cracked, and returned to the pot to continue boiling. This allows the urine to seep into it so that the egg can retain the flavor. While some consumers thinks it is delicious and medicinal, others think it is obnoxious and gross, just like you are thinking right now.

The egg vendors place buckets at primary schools for young boys to pee into it. The buckets are then collected through the day and used to make the delicacy. However, they often ask sick students not to pee in the buckets to ensure that the eggs are boiled with healthy urine.


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