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Avoid Chronic Bad Breath With These Simple Tricks

Having bad breath can be very embarrassing and frustrating to cope with. While some occur as a result of a condition known as Halitosis, majority of the cases are mainly caused by a poor oral hygiene. Whatever that may be the cause, see some few simple tips you can employ to prevent bad breath. 

Clean tongue thoroughly

Washing the tongue effectively is the most important part of oral hygiene, this is where most people make the mistake, they concentrate more on the teeth without realizing that the tongue is the major culprit that triggers bad breath. It is always good to use a tooth brush with a tapering end, this will facilitate it movement in and out the tongue effectively when brushing.    

Rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming sugary stuffs.

We always hear that eating sugary things is bad for our oral hygiene. When sugar accumulate in our mouth, it invites the action of bacteria - these bacteria make the sugar undergo fermentation which can release a very repugnant odor that cause bad breath. It is always good to wash your mouth or rinse it effectively after consuming sugary stuffs.  

Chew some bread after eating

This is a very good trick that most people love to adopt. We all know how pleasant a bread and it aroma can be, after eating, you can chose the chew some bread, since bread is fibrous in nature, it can help clean the remnant of the food in our mouth. Most especially if that food contains fat. Fat are food that can easily undergo rancidity, a process that occur during oxidation of fat, and rancidity usually brings an unpleasant odor 

Drink enough water

Drinking a lot of water can contribute to having fresh breath. When hydrated, your salivary gland produces more saliva which helps to clean the mouth. When we produce  less saliva, it leads to dryness of the mouth and this can create a good environment for bacteria to act. 

Chew more gums

This is one of my favorites. Chewing gum most especially ones low in sugar can make you produce more saliva which helps cleans the mouth. Aside that, chewing gums also have flavors which have their own sweet smell, when chewing them your mouth have a way of retaining those fragrance, making it feels and smells good.     

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