How To Prevent Your Rugs And Carpets From Water Damage

Water damage to carpet could be very annoying and could cause us a lot of griefs, Because of this most people tend not to use them anymore.

When trying to save your carpet from water spoilage, below are crucial step you need to follow.

 * Remove as much furniture as you can. If a particular item is too heavy, at least put aluminum foil under it to reduce the likelihood of damage.

* Begin the process of water removal as soon as possible. Use a wet vacuum to remove the bulk of the water if you have one you can also turn on a dehumidifier if you also have any.

* At this point, the carpet should be mostly just damp. If it’s still saturated, keep using that wet vacuum until the buildup is extracted.

* Now you need to start drying out the carpet as quickly as you can. Waiting will give mold and mildew more time to grow.

* Open up as many windows as possible and point as many fans as you can toward the carpet. This will expedite the drying process.

* Bring it outside as soon as possible.

* If the temperature is favorable enough and there is no rain drop, you should have a totally dried rug within 48 hours.

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