How to go Back to Your Dream And Continue

Jul 16, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Have you ever had a dream that you wished you could go back to continue it?

While most nightmares look so scary and terrifying that may even prevent us from sleeping any further, there are some dreams that looks so pleasurable and real that you feel disappointed if interrupted or when you are suddenly roused from sleep. Such a dream might make you want to go back to sleep and wish you could continue from where you stopped. Sadly, dreams don’t naturally works like that except you induce it to make it happen again—however, by using sleep meditation techniques and focusing on the right imagery, you might be able to return to another version of your dream that allows you to experience it again in profound new ways.

Here are ways you can induce the dreams to come back however, make sure you go back to sleep right away.

* Don’t move.

If you wake up in the middle of a dream you would like to revisit, lie perfectly still and don't move around too much because moving around would make the remnant of the dream dissipate from your brain.

* Make sure you keep your eyes shut.

Keeping eyes shut, keep you in a sleeping mood. You have to remain still, your body should be relaxed and, your eyes shut. Make sure you are not sleeping with lights on in the first place because light has a way of triggering the brain to make it stay awake and conscious. Keeping your room as dark as possible while sleeping can minimize unwanted light stimulation.

* Breathe slowly and deeply.

Try to keep your breathing under control. The sooner you can return your breathing to the cadence of rest, the better chance you have of falling back to sleep while the components of the dream are still alive in your subconscious mind.

* Recall the last impressions of the dream.

Try as much as possible to remember the events that took place in the the dream you were having when you were jolted awake. Try to imagine what was happening, the things involved, the activities going on. Just try to wander around what happened in the dream, this would make you remain in that mode.

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