Horrible Things You Don't Know Babies Can Do

Jul 11, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Babies are very entertaining and amazing people, sometimes we are baffled to some of the things they can do. We usually think that most of the things that babies do or know are learnt after birth but however, studies have shown that babies tend to unconsciously learn and do some things while still in the womb. 

Below are things that most of us don't know about babies.

Babies Start To Taste And Smell Before Birth

Most of the time we understand that babies put into their mouth virtually every thing that come their way most especially during their oral stage according to psychology, and we also think that most of the things they know were learnt after they were born. But do you know that babies actually start having the knowledge of taste and smell right from when they are in the womb? research show that babies have a way of sampling different flavor that comes their way while still in the womb and this could explain why babies tend to love some specific foods after they are born.

Babies Can Menstruate

Most mothers usually raise alarm when they discover blood coming out of their new born babies. But however, research have it that a new born baby of 2 to 3 days old can actually menstruate, this is due to the hormones such as estrogen she was exposed to while still in the womb. The hormone is something that the baby is trying to get rid of.

So whenever you discover you newly born baby girl undergoing this situation, don't be alarmed it is a totally normal thing, it is something that will stop quickly but however, if it still tend to persist, then you may need to see a pediatrician.  

They drink their own pee

The amniotic fluid is a pool of liquid that surrounds the baby while in the womb. It is a medium that dissolves nutrient and make it available for the baby to utilize. Whatever that is in the amniotic fluid get absorbed into the baby. When the baby is matured enough to develop bladder, he or she may start peeing and this pee may be reabsorbed into the baby since every thing is confined within the amniotic fluid.

Babies Sometimes Poop Inside their mother

"Meconium" is the first poop a baby tends to pass out right after birth. But sometimes some babies may decide to pass out this poop too quickly before coming out of their mother. Meconium, is made up of amniotic fluid the baby was exposed to and many other things the baby took in while still inside the mother.

Babies Have Huge Eyes

Have you ever been startled while staring at some babies eyes? they look so big that they sometimes scares the shit out of us. A newborn’s eyes are roughly 70 percent of their adult size, as small as they are, their eyes are almost the same size as your own.

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