Some Women Can Smell Gonorrhea In Men According To Research

Jul 10, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The fear of sexually transmitted disease STDs in this modern society is one of the major phobias why most men and women decides to stay celibate. It is also one of the main reason why most people avoid one night-stands. If not careful the enjoyment of a one-night stand could leave you with a life long regrets. 

A study conducted in Russia in 2011 shows that women have the ability of smelling STDs in men which could help them in choosing a partner they would love to get down with. 

The study shows that women rated the scent of armpit sweat from men with gonorrhea as unpleasant than the scent of sweat from men without gonorrhea. The women were also more likely to describe the sweat smell of men with gonorrhea as "putrid", smells that emit from a decay organic substance. The reason for this odor is as a result of how the immune system of the man is responding to the gonorrhea infection. 

The women's ability to sniff out this odor in infected men could be an evolutionary mechanism, which was developed in them in order to avoid a risky partner. The researchers noted.

According to the research our smelling abilities could also detect many bacteria and viral infections in others that we still don't understand.

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