Throwing Mobile Phone Is A Professional Sport In Finland

Most of us are obsessed with throwing and smashing our phones on the ground when we get upset, but do you know you can convert this obnoxious attitude into a professional sport?

Mobile phone throwing is actually a professional national sport in Finland. Competitors meet annually to see who can throw their handset the farthest.

Since 2000, natives of Finland have been flocking to the town of Savonlinna to participate in the Mobile Phone Throwing Championships. The contestants throw phones that have been donated and provided, and are not allowed to bring their own devices. They are, however, encouraged to "choose the phone that is convenient and fits best to his/her hand or looks the nicest.

There is an official jury panel that is set up to determines the acceptability of each throw and approves the results.

The longest throw so far is 110.42 meters (362.27 ft), according to Guinness World Records. 

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