Low Sex Drive Is Dangerous, You Need To Treat It Fast

Jul 09, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Libido is a person's overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. It is influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors. According to research, one out of five people suffer from poor libido whose cause varies among individuals. It is a very important problem one needs to eradicate as soon as possible. There are different causes of poor libidos which requires different approaches of treatment - the cause of it in an individual determines the approach in which it can be treated.

Below are most common causes of low libido one needs to lookout for. 


Stress is one of the leading cause of poor libidos. However, Stress is a normal thing in life, our body is designed to cope with it in different verities of ways. But when stress becomes chronic, it leads to distress, the point in which is becomes worsened. Cortisol is a mood killing hormone, it is released whenever we are stressed. Prolonged stress can elevates the level of cortisol which totally kills your mood. There are many ways you can deal with stress they includes exercising, meditating, hanging out with friends and loved ones, doing what makes you happy.        

Hormonal imbalance

Hormone imbalance can also interfere with libido. Testosterone is always the culprit most especially in most men. Low testosterone level can alter your sex drive and lead to a low libido. However, there are several treatment to this, which includes, "Testosterone Administration Therapies".


Depression and other mental illness can interfere with your libido. If your mental health is not in order, you may not have the zeal to do anything, let alone having sex. Depression can be treated in several ways, the treatments are similar to that of stress. However, there may be a need for antidepressant medications but in most cases antidepressants have side effects in which some of it may be poor libidos. But however, your doctor would prescribe antidepressant drugs that may be suitable for you.

You are not exercising

Exercising regularly is a very good way to relief stress, depression and other negative energies. Lack of exercise may greatly affect your sex drive and give you a poor libido. According to neuroscientist, whenever we exercise, the brain is forced to produce some neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that makes one feel good. Exercise also can improves blood flow, making blood get to different part of the body where they are needed.

So if you think you are not exercising as expected, then its time to start hitting the gym or engaging in different exercise routines. And apart from improving your libido, exercise is very good for your overall health.      


After pregnancy, there are usually a drastic changes in hormone levels which can affect a woman's sex drives. These changes affect everyone differently. Some women may have an increased interest in sex, while others might have a low libido.


Women produce testosterone in small quantities and when they are extremely low, it can affect a woman's sex drive. Menopause can trigger the decline of testosterone and estrogen levels. After menopause, low estrogen levels can cause thinning and dryness of the vagina, which may lead to discomfort and painful intercourse making sex less appealing.

Low Self esteem

The way we see and think of our self matters a lot. Most people see themselves as less appealing to the society and this can actually affect their every day life. Low self esteem leads to a low libido, no two ways about it. When you feel that you are not pretty, beautiful, or handsome or you have a poor body image, this may affect your sex life and not only that, your everyday life and your social life will be affected. So its time to get some confidence and believe in yourself and don't be enslaved by your own self. 

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