Portable Air Condition That Nigerians Are Going Crazy About

AirFreez, an amazing gadget that works better than AC. A very portable air vent that you can carry everywhere you go

It was first designed by two Swiss engineers to serve as a way of overcoming the annoying heat that comes along with summer. One of the good news is that it so portable that you can even travel with it and enjoy your personal air.

Lets find out How it works?

Very easy to set up that it requires you to do just some few task.

* Plug it into a socket supply OR any USB port.

* It can also work on laptops and phones all you need to do is just to connect. 

* Once you have done that, simply fill up the inbuilt reservoir with 20oz/0.6L of cold tap water.

* Press the power button and get some fresh air. As simple as that.

It is available at online stores like Jumia and other. So you can get yours whenever you desires. 

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