Warning signs Of Miscarriage You Are Ignoring

Jul 04, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The main sign of miscarriage is vaginal spotting or bleeding, which can vary from slight brownish discharge to very heavy bleeding. However, these are other common symptoms you don't want to ignore. 

Cramping and pain in the abdomen

When you feel any abnormal pain in your abdomen most especially in the lower part and it seems persistent for several days, this could be a warning sign of miscarriage. Immediately notify your doctor about about it for imminent attention.     

Mild to severe back pain

Although majority of people may have back pain for several reason but however, for a pregnant woman severe and chronic back pain may be some thing you would not want to joke with- so notifying your doctor regardless of the cause is a good means of preventing miscarriage.

Fluid discharge from the vagina

This is one of the most common signs that warns of miscarriage. Fluid discharge should be a normal thing for a woman in her period not for a pregnant woman. noticing an unusual discharge of fluid weather colorful or colorless, should the attention of your doctor immediately.  

Other symptoms of miscarriage may include the following;

   weight loss

.    tissue or clotted discharge from the vagina

.    feeling faint or light-headed

.    contractions in the walls of the vagina

If you are pregnant and experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor, midwife, or antenatal clinic immediately.

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