Funny Sports That Will Make You Laugh

Jul 02, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

There are quite a lot of weird and bizarre sports that exist around the world that most of us still don't know. Majority of these sports are yet to gain popularity and most multinational companies are beginning to have interest in sponsoring some of them.

Read further to discover weird sports you have never heard of before- some of these sports are so crazy that you may start wondering how they became popular in the first place. Have fun reading.

Wife Carrying Sport

So wife carrying is even a sport, are you serious?

Wife carrying sport originated in Finland. In this sport, Competitors carry their wives on their shoulders to cross obstacles along the line and couples who committed no foul or less fouls, becomes the winner. This sport is beginning to gain international recognition and sponsors. I'm convinced it wouldn't take a longer time for this sport to be introduced in Africa.

I think this sport is not for everyone, because for those of us who have titanic wives may not even consider it because that may be a suicide case. Lol !!!

Cheese Rolling

It originated in great Britain, it is a sport that is usually done during the early onset of spring. In this sport, the Participants gather on a steep hill to chase a wheel of cheese of about 4 kilogram down to the hill. The first person to reach out for the cheese or cross the finish line wins the cheese. This sport is very interesting and it has started attracting participants from around the world including Africans.  

Toe Wrestling

You cannot fight this wrestling if your toes are not gyming enough. In this sports, Competitors lock toes together to wrestle their opponent’s foot to one side - there both hands must be kept lying flat on the ground. The game usually last for about three rounds before the winner is determined. 

Extreme Ironing

If ironing is a very big chores for you then rule yourself out of this sport. In this sport, competitors set up ironing board in outrageous locations- it could be in the atmosphere, it could be in a lions den or python cage or underwater bodies- so far the location is bizarre. There are two bases for judgement in this sport. Competitors are judged base on the location they chose and how well their ironing was.

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