Big-Broda Naija- Let's Know The House Mates For 2019 Edition #'Pepper Dem Red'

Jul 01, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The Big Brother Naija 4th edition is here and rolling. This TV series for 2019 is going to hold so many Nigerians as well as many Africans allover the world stayed glued to their couch. As the theme implies, "Pepper Dem Red" - They have actually proven to us on the first day in the house that they will pepper everyone red with their amazing live show and all the crazy stuffs they will be doing while in the house.

Bellow are the various contestants for this 2019 edition

Kimophra – 23- years old. (Female)

Isilomo – She is 27. (Female)

Jackye – She is 23. (Female)

Tuoyo – Delta state 26. (Male)

Sir Dee – 28 years old. (Male)

Avala – 30-years old. (Female)

Khafi – 20-years-old. (Female)

Omatshola – 38-years. (Male)

Frodd – He is 28years old, hails from Anambra state (Male)

Ike- 26-year old, Imo state (Male)

Ella- 30-years-old, Anambra state. (Female)

Nelson – 26 years old, Rivers state. (Male)

Diane- 23-years-old, Kaduna state (Female)

Mercy – 26-years-old, (Female)

Tacha – 23-years-old, Rivers state. (Female)

Jeff – 30-years-old Anambra state. (Female)

Mike -28-years-old, Lagos state. (emale)

Seyi – 30-years-old, Ogun state (Male)

Esther -22-years-old, Lagos state (Female)

Telma – 26- years-old (Female)

Gedoni – 31-years-old, (Male)

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