Swallow Sperm Today And Prevent Miscarriage

Jun 28, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Scientist claims that women who always swallow their man semen could be at a low risk of having miscarriage.

According to research, women who swallow semen are more likely to develop a strong immune system that will promote the growth of a healthy baby. Semen is a very rich male fluid that contains lots of hormones, proteins and enzymes which could be useful to the mother to strengthen her immune system and improve tolerance, Scientist says. Scientists from Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands tested their theory comparing the pregnancy history and oral sex habits of 234 women.

The researchers said: “Oral exposure to seminal fluid seems to influence pregnancy outcome in a positive way.

“Our results suggest an association between less oral sex and the occurrence of recurrent miscarriage.”

The study found that 73 percent of women in the non-miscarriage group regularly gave oral sex and 57 percent of those in the miscarriage group engaged in the sex act frequently.

The research team added: “Future studies in women with recurrent miscarriage explained by immune abnormalities should reveal whether oral exposure to seminal plasma indeed modifies the maternal immune system, resulting in more live births.”

The research have proven logically that semen could be better absorbed into the digestive system than couple’s trying to have unprotected sex to get pregnant.

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