New Search Engine That Is Competing With Google You Need To Know

Jun 28, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Google has taken everywhere and it is dominating all search engines in the world. However, some browsers are still trying so very hard not to be in oblivion due to the dominating power of google. How many of us have actually heard of DuckDuck go? this browser have proven itself to be amazing despite the dominating power of google. Let's make comparison between this two and see what's up with them.

Advantages of using Google

. It is still very much the best due to the innovative features they introduce all the time.

. Google has the largest search index,

. It is the smartest when it comes to search engine algorithm, 

. largest portfolio of free tools that all fit right inside its search engine.

. It is still dominating all other search engines still the best and has been always. And it has changed every one's life in the world since its launch in 1998.

Disadvantages of Using Google

However it may be the best search engine but it has it own lapses.

. It keeps track of it users and can store their details which most users may find resentful. 

. Google may at times change some features that are totally not necessary.

. Sometimes this search engines may bring wrong or misleading answers.

. In trying to provide the best and quick answer Google sometimes have to pull incorrect information.

Advantages Of Using DuckDuckGo

. DuckDuckGo have made it known that it will not track any information regarding their users.

. Its user interface is friendly and it makes using the platform unique.

. It is highly usable

. The search engine is growing in popularity- most people are beginning to recognize it and the traffic is becoming high.

Disadvantages of DuckDuckGo

. It still somehow behind as compared to google.

. It still lacks the resources of being a big long-standing search engines.

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