Bare Butt Jeans For Ladies That Are Trending On The Internet

The more time we spend researching for this article, the more it dawns on us that fashion designers just aren’t happy with the way jeans are. We don’t know if it’s because they don’t have anything to do anymore, or if there’s a secret ongoing war on denim in high fashion circles that we have no idea about, but a lot of weird modern fashion trends are aimed at completely changing how we make our jeans, and we’re not sure why.

Take bare butt jeans, which are exactly what the name suggests they would be. Creatively called the “cheekiest fashion trend of our times” by some people on the Internet, they’re exactly like your regular pair of jeans, except that you can unzip them from behind as well as the front. In case your butt is too covered up for your comfort, they offer the option to undo that and make a bold fashion statement while you’re at it.

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